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Skift has been following the unfolding relationship between generative AI and the travel industry, but this is only the beginning.

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There has been so much coverage of generative AI at Skift over the last several months that it may have been hard to catch it all. 

With the release of ChatGPT by OpenAI last November, many travel companies have been experimenting with incorporating generative AI into their business as well as voicing opinions on how it might be used in the future. 

Here is a recap of much of the coverage so far on how companies are interacting with generative AI. 

Online Travel Agencies 

  • Most recently, Expedia released an experimental tool powered by ChatGPT tech on its mobile app to help with travel planning. 
  • Expedia and Kayak were among the first Western companies to have a plugin available to some ChatGPT users. The plugins can present users with up-to-date info and links for booking on the respective websites.
  •, based in Singapore and whose parent company is based in China, released an experimental ChatGPT-powered chatbot called TripGen in February. 
  • The CEO of Booking Holdings said the company would be patient about releasing products using generative AI. The chief technology officer said one of the biggest opportunities is to better understand user intent when making a search. 

Search Engines

  • Bing relaunched and its travel planning capabilities built on ChatGPT were further along than what had been seen prior. 
  • Google released its answer to ChatGPT, a generative AI technology called Bard. The tech alone has similar limitations to ChatGPT regarding travel planning. 

Startup Technologies

  • Duve, which offers software products to hotels, is integrating the OpenAI tech to enhance existing products and make new ones.  
  • The founder of a mapping app is refocusing his company’s resources to create a travel guide app powered by generative AI.
  • Skift is in touch with many additional companies, so there is much more news to come in this area. 

Marketing and More

  • VisitDenmark is turning to deepfake artificial intelligence to help drum up interest in the country with campaigns that include AI-generated scripts and altered versions of famous art. 
  • Air India said it is using GPT4 — the latest version of the revolutionary chatbot — to improve its FAQ section, pilot briefings, and more.
  • Travel and expense management company Navan has integrated generative AI into its product as part of its rebrand. 

Excitement and Concerns 

  • The chief technology officer of Expedia, and others, have said there is transformative potential with generative AI, but there is a lot to be done before that happens. 
  • There is concern about whether travel booking companies will have enough proprietary information to offer unique services, as well as whether small operators could be hurt in a future where only the biggest players are recommended by a generative AI travel planner. 
  • There could be a spike of fake reviews. 

News Analysis 

  • Skift CEO Rafat Ali has presented a lot of analysis on the topic. That includes a look at the recent Expedia tool, video blogs about the convergence of travel planning and booking, as well as his very first reaction to ChatGPT. 
  • Here’s a look at how generative AI could impact more than just travel booking.
  • Tripadvisor will have to confront the power of generative AI.

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