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Want to book an Airbnb "room" on a plane? Lufthansa Makes it Possible

Give Lufthansa credit for an intriguing new promotion. But for passengers, this is not that great of a deal.

Here's How Spirit Airlines will Increase its Revenues

When fuel was expensive, Spirit was one of the industry's top performers. But cheaper oil has not been helpful to the carrier, so now it must get smarter.

Tech Solutions, Guest Experience, and Customer Touchpoints for an Evolving Vacation Rental Market

There’s more opportunity than ever in the fast-growing vacation rental business, but staying competitive now takes much more than providing a great property — owners and managers must continually upgrade everything from their technology to their guest experience.

British Airways Parent Warns of Brexit-Related Profit Decline

It's a tough market for European airlines, who must deal with concerns about terrorism, as well as economic uncertainty. Things could get worse before they improve.

Expedia ‘Wobbled a Little Bit’ Because of Integration Strains

Did Expedia finally bite off more than it can chew when it went on an acquisition tear? The company stumbled during the second quarter of 2016 but likely has the skills to get back on track.

Travel Habits of Small Business Owners: 85% Make Time for Personal Activities During Business Travel

Small business owners are eager to take a vacation, but seldom get the chance to do so. Resourceful ones are mixing business with leisure and making smart use of business rewards credit cards to make their “me time” special.

You Can Soon Fly to Cuba - but Only After Satisfying All the Rules

Savvy travelers know they can't just board a plane and fly to Cuba. But do casual tourists? They may not know all that is required, which could cause problems for airlines.

Designing Flight Search for Mobile — Digital Marketing News This Week

Flight searches have never really "worked" on mobile. There's simply too much detail involved with purchases to make it worthwhile. Virgin America's new mobile search interface hopes to change that.

Expedia Hopes for Trivago IPO Before the End of 2016

An IPO for Trivago has been a hoped-for option for Expedia since it acquired the company in 2012. Trivago has been a growth juggernaut and now its investors hope to cash in and to spur increased growth.

Expedia Struggles to Integrate Orbitz After Acquisiton

Expedia should be able to bounce back after taking some short-term hits related to its Orbitz acquisition.

American's Pilots Warn of Consequences From New On-Time Push

It's never easy know whether pilots are actually concerned about new guidelines, or if they're talking safety to try to pressure management to make other changes.

Southwest Won't Pause its Growth This Year - and that Concerns Investors

Southwest has rarely followed the U.S. airline pack, and historically its actions have generated high returns for investors. But could this time be different?

Southeast Asia's Biggest Airlines Face Increased Competition

Profits are high, but it's not an easy time for full-service Southeast Asian airlines. Cathay Pacific and Singapore are getting squeezed by both budget carriers and ultra-luxury Gulf airlines.

Starwood Now Manages a Cuban hotel, but Not Everything is Perfect Yet

There's little question better hotels will open in Cuba. The only issue is how soon.

Hotels Rush to Embrace Wellness Trends, Like 'Forest Bathing'

Give hotels credit for trying new stuff, but some of these remedies are downright weird.

Travel Marketers Aim for Compelling Virtual Reality Content

Savvy travel marketers understand that using virtual reality isn't enough. This technology demands new, compelling content that suits the medium.

Travel on Tap: The Rise of Craft Beer Tourism

Craft Beer is big business in America with a proven ability engage a new travel consumer who will spend added dollars to visit local neighborhoods and beer-themed events.

Boeing Suggests it May Not Produce the 747 Forever

It's no secret that Boeing has been having a tough time selling 747s. But for how long will the company keep trying?

In Norwegian Air Spat, European Union will Request Formal Arbitration

U.S. airlines may not like it, but there's a good chance Norwegian will win in arbitration.

Accor Profit Falls as Travelers Book Fewer Rooms in France and Brazil

Considering a quarter of Accor's rooms are in France, the hotel operator had a decent quarter. But will demand soon fall further in the company's key markets?