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Feds Move to Protect Stressed Out Dolphins From Tourists in Hawaii

We're not eager to see companies go out of business, but this is part of a broader move that rethinks the relationship between tourists and animals, some in captivity and some in the wild.

The Next Three Olympics Are Headed to Korea, Japan, and China

No Olympic Games is ever without its troubles or controversies, and hosting the Games is never cheap. Given what's happened in Rio, however, it's clear that Olympic organizers are realizing they need to be much smarter about which cities they pick to play host: While it's an incredible honor and source of pride for the countries picked, it can also be a tremendous financial and logistical burden, too.

Free Report: The Hospitality Industry’s New Platform Paradigm

"Platform" companies like Airbnb, Amazon and Uber have reinvented their respective industries by seamlessly linking together all aspects of their operations and customer experience into a single system. The lessons from this model are especially relevant in the hotel industry, where a more holistic approach can work wonders for guest satisfaction, property efficiency and revenue.

Airlines Are to Blame for Most U.S. Flight Delays, Not the Weather

Interesting that Delta is so far away from the other carriers, both in terms of performance and where it places the blame.

The IRS Makes It Easier to Pay Taxes on Uber and Airbnb Income

This is a clear sign that the sharing economy isn’t in its infancy anymore.

Data and Analytics are Defining the Future of Hotel Employee-Guest Relations

Explore with us where the travel industry is headed, technologically. The time has come to look at what the future holds for hospitality, and every travel vertical, as an industry that uses digital tools to better reach customers — and re-envisions itself along the way.

Boarding Pass, Quest City and More in Today's Travel Startup Watch

These are the newest travel startups from AngelList vying for travelers’ interest and investors’ attention.

HotelTonight Becomes Profitable but IPO Chances Are Remote

HotelTonight is more likely to get acquired than to do a successful IPO given the company's relatively small size. The app is exquisite but competition by bigger players is intense.

New Skift Trends Report: A Strategic Deep Dive Into Latin America’s 20 Largest Hotel Chains

Latin America's lodging industry remains very interesting to local and global investors alike. Economic headwinds and political upheavals have slowed but not stalled some of the world's largest hotels groups from capitalizing on opportunity in the region.

Expedia Raises Dividend Despite Q2 Wobbles

By increasing its dividend, Expedia management has put its money where its mouth is in expressing confidence about the future of the company. The takeaway: Expedia officials believe its second quarter stumble was an aberration.

Skift Global Forum Preview: Expedia's Founder Says Startup Ideas Are Cheap

If only more startup founders would realize this: As Rich Barton says, most startups don't know how to execute on their visions. That is the big difference maker. Talk and ideas are cheap but execution and having the team to carry it through is what it's all about.

Big Shift Coming: International Visitor Spending Rises But So Does U.S. Domestic Travel Dependence

Many foreign currencies may not be as strong against the U.S. dollar as in years' past but the exchange rate is still favorable for many of the international travelers visiting the U.S. The overall increase in international visitor spending certainly helps but researchers feel domestic U.S. traveler spending will become even more essential for the rest of the year.

Exploring the Coming Perils of Overtourism

The larger changes that are happening around the world due to the democratization of global travel over the last two decades. That's the changes Skift is exploring in this new series.

Interview: Airbnb's China Rival Tujia and the Power of Home-Field Advantage

Given what happened with Didi Chunxing and Uber, can other businesses like Airbnb compete in China? What can vacation rental and homesharing companies learn from homegrown Chinese startups like Tujia?

Anaheim Isn’t Dropping Its Ban on Airbnb, But It Won’t Try to Fine Them Anymore

Just because Anaheim won’t fine Airbnb, HomeAway, or other alternative accommodations providers, doesn’t mean they won’t try to fine the hosts who advertise illegal listings on those sites.

Qantas is Finally Making Money and Now Investors Want Their Share

It's the same story all over the world. Investors, focused on short-term returns, crave dividends on their airline stocks.

Marriott and Starwood Say Their Deal Is Taking Longer Than They Hoped

Recent reports alleging that Marriott has "buyer's remorse" about the deal, while scintillating, don't seem very logical when you think of all the effort both Marriott and Starwood have put into making this deal a reality.

Canada's Weak Economy Is Bad News for Maine Tourism

A weaker Canadian dollar may be bad news for tourism in Maine but it's good news for American travelers wanting to head north to Canada.

Southwest and JetBlue Loyalty Plans Are Best for Free Domestic Tickets Says Study

Southwest and JetBlue might have the cheapest redemptions, but savvy frequent flyers generally still find more value in programs offered by American, Delta, and United.

Ctrip CEO Interested in U.S. Potential and Sees a Brexit Boom

Would the world's second-largest online travel agency in market cap, Ctrip, entertain the idea of entering the U.S. market to complement its sites in mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore? The x's and o's are unclear but the idea isn't as far-fetched as it might seem given Chinese investment in the U.S. and the Ctrip CEO's statements about his interest in the U.S. market
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