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Hostelworld Group Continues Shift From Multi to Single Brand

Increasing higher-margin bookings and focusing on growing your strongest brand seems a sensible approach when you are competing in a crowded market.

American Airlines' New Ad Campaign Wants to Humanize the Airline

American has gone more high-end with its new advertising campaign.

Connected Hospitality: Data Drives Actionable Moments for Travel Ops and Marketing

Explore with us where the travel industry is headed, technologically. The time has come to look at what the future holds for hospitality, and every travel vertical, as an industry that uses digital tools to better reach customers — and re-envisions itself along the way.

Qatar's International Airport Adds a New Fee for Passengers

In years past Qatar would have just thrown some oil money around rather than added a fee. This a early sign that Gulf carriers, and the supportive transportation infrastructure supporting their growth, will spend less.

Turkey Looking Forward to Russian Tourists as Charter Flights Resume

A season of Russian charter flights is not going to reverse a slide that's quickly undoing all the excellent work Turkey's travel brands have undertaken over the last decade.

Skift Podcast: Why Business Owners Struggle to Take Time Off

Taking time off can be a business investment with proven results, such as increased creativity and productivity — so why do so many Americans struggle to take the vacation they’ve earned?

Tourist Misbehavior on the Rise in U.S. Parks' 100th Year

With more visitors to any place comes more of every stripe. Including idiots, apparently.

Marriott-Starwood Delay and 4 Other Hospitality Trends This Week

These are the hospitality trends we were talking about this week.

U.S. Government Fines Airlines for Not Disclosing Bumping Compensation

Airlines prefer to keep the compensation rules murky. It helps them wheel and deal at the departure gate when necessary.

Civil Rights Tourism and 14 Other Tourism Trends This Week

These are the tourism trends we were talking about this week.

Airbnb Says It's Cleaning Up New York Listings While Governor Mulls New Law

Airbnb will be waging a PR battle in New York until Cuomo takes action or the time runs out on this session. But as we know from recent history, each purge is followed by a return of bad actors.

Volaris Outsmarts Rivals and 6 Other Aviation Trends This Week

These are the aviation trends we were talking about this week.

Speedy Wi-Fi Is Finally Coming to European Short-Haul Flights

European airlines had long believed they did not need in-flight Wi-Fi for shorter routes. But they've finally realized passengers want to be connected constantly.

Rhode Island Summer Tourism Arrivals Down After Flubbed Campaign

Even though Visit Rhode Island muckied up its tourism campaign in April, it's difficult to believe that's wholly responsible for the drop in tourism numbers this summer.

Japanese Ski Town Looks to International Travelers to Turn its Tourism Around

Niseko seems to have found the right balance of tourism and local life. It's making tourism work for the local economy rather than the other way around, with the latter playing out in several destinations from Iceland to Machu Picchu.

Lufthansa CEO: 'Market Volatility Has Become Huge'

Europe's airlines are resilient, but they may not be able may not be able to withstand the twin shocks of Brexit and terrorism.

Hotel Occupancy and Airfares Drop for Tourists to Miami

Miami maybe taking all actions that can prevent the spread of mosquitoes that are possibly carrying the virus, but in the meantime travelers are looking elsewhere out of abundance of caution.

Fan-Made 'Star Trek' Sets Are Becoming Tourist Magnets in New York State

Like in space, "Star Trek" knows no boundaries on Earth and any destination could transplant these kinds of sets to woo diehard fans.

Private Equity Firms May Be Looking to Buy Cruise Operator Hurtigruten

Hurtigruten is not known for flashy ships or onboard innovations. But the Norway-based operator sails itineraries that have proven popular, especially as the Mediterranean has been struggling in recent months.

Expedia's Q2 Wobbles and 9 Other Digital Trends This Week

These are the digital trends we were talking about this week.
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