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The Once-Hidden Buddhist Enclave Being Transformed by Tourism

We're interested to see if a Buddhist approach to tourism development can grow out of this region's shift.

1 month ago

India’s Growing Problem of Under-Qualified Yet Certified Pilots

Unmanaged growth and hyper-competition doesn't always make for the safest experience when you need to take the time to properly train the talent behind the controls.

1 year ago

Air India Becomes First Indian Airline to Join a Global Airline Alliance

Air India's entry into the Star Alliance is a watershed, but the ongoing FAA downgrading of India's air safety rating looms as a cloud over the event.

2 years ago

Air India Ordered to Rehire Flight Attendants Fired for Being Overweight

Unless there is something else going on, it sounds like the India court is teaching Air India a well-deserved lesson in corporate responsibility and employee rights.

3 years ago

Air India to Reduce Losses As it is Poised to Enter the Star Alliance

Air India would benefit from entering the Star Alliance but its persistent financial troubles are not a real confidence booster.

3 years ago

The Dreamliner’s Latest Failure Was a Complete Navigation Blackout

3 years ago

Star Alliance Convenes to Plot Strategy For Future Growth

Is the Star Alliance's future just about continuing with the cumbersome process of adding new airline members here or there, or does it have to formulate new strategies to confront the growth of Emirates and Etihad, for example, which aren't as enamored with traditional tie-ups?

3 years ago

Air India to Restart Its Entry Into the Star Alliance

Now that Air India's merger with Indian Airlines is complete, Air India is in a position to enter the Star Alliance, a long-sought goal.

3 years ago

Air India will seek damages from Boeing over Dreamliner grounding

One would assume that any settlement by Boeing would involve discounts on aircraft already in the pipeline for Air India rather than cash payouts.

4 years ago

Air India may be on its way to becoming profitable for the first time in five years

A successful restructuring plan executed in April 2012 sparked the recent turnaround after a number of factors, including a spike in gas prices and the responsibility to run unprofitable routes as a national carrier, mired the carrier in debt for years.

4 years ago

Dreamliner pilot training weighs heavy on Air India operations

The Dreamliner is turning to be an all-around hassle for airlines that first dealt with manufacturing problems and now lack adequately trained pilots to keep the jets on schedule.

4 years ago

IndiGo carried more passengers than any other Indian airline in 2012

Thanks to Kingfisher’s slow demise throughout the year, both Indigo and Air India were able to substantially increase their market share despite fewer flyers buying fares.

4 years ago