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Expedia Begins Revealing Its Big Ambitions in Hotel Services

Expedia is seeking to gain even more influence in the hotel industry while the big chains are trying to limit online travel agencies' clout through the hotels' direct-booking campaigns. As Expedia's recent Marriott Vacations and Red Lion deals, along with the needs of smaller hotels, show, there is substantial upside for Expedia.

4 days ago

Skift Backstage Podcast: What Online Travel Legends Say About the Future of Travel

Prepare for a fast-paced, idea-rich session with some of the smartest minds in travel.

1 week ago

Visit Britain Has a New Marketing Campaign, But Deal-Seekers Were Coming Anyway

Sometimes you have good luck and sometimes you have good timing. And sometimes you have both. Visit Britain's campaign already makes sense since the U.S. is the UK's most valuable source market. But many Americans were probably already mulling a UK trip because of the great exchange rate without the coaxing of a tourism board.

1 week ago

Understanding Expedia’s Competitive Position and Where It’s Headed

Whilst tech-innovation and hotels direct booking campaigns bring new challenges to the OTA world, Expedia has kept a solid growth over the past years and has a steady eye on upcoming disruptions.

1 week ago

Expedia Plans to Use Artificial Intelligence for Customer Service

There has been serious talk about artificial intelligence in travel for the past couple of years. While Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi wasn't talking about implementing artificial intelligence for customer service in the next quarter or two, be assured that Expedia and others are working on it hard.

1 week ago

Expedia Restructures Egencia Corporate Travel Unit

Egencia is moving ahead with the understanding that travel management companies need to operate globally, with a focus on developing the technology tools that business travelers actually want to use. This approach makes sense in a space where mobile booking is likely to become ubiquitous in the next decade.

2 weeks ago

Video: Online Travel Founders Talk Game-Changing Deals, Big Upcoming Trends

Moral of the story about the early years of online travel? Not to over-simplify, but be prepared to take risks, feel free to contradict conventional wisdom, and assemble the best damn team that you can.

2 weeks ago

How Expedia Is Expanding and Acquiring Its Way Beyond Traditional Booking

Expedia's expansion outside the OTA world is afoot. With their aquisition of Homeaway and the expansion of Egencia, Expedia keeps a steady foot in online travel.

2 weeks ago

It’s Been a Busy Year for Travel Acquisitions With Lodging Deals Dominating

Travel acquisitions have been humming along this year and we've seen several deals that will have a lasting impact on consumer behavior. Marriott-Starwood dominated headlines for months although Expedia and Priceline largely have been largely inactive in mergers and acquisitions so far in 2016. We still have a few months left, though.

2 weeks ago

New Skift Trends Report: The 2016 Deep Dive Into Expedia’s Competitive Position In Travel

Expedia has a lot going for it in the short to mid term but shifts in technology and consumer tastes have disrupted the travel space before, and will do so again. CEO Dara Khosrowshahi and team will need to stay vigilant in addressing certain vulnerabilities, especially as they go up against the big platforms including Google, Facebook, Amazon and others.

2 weeks ago

Hotel Direct Booking Campaigns Won’t Hurt Priceline and Expedia Says Study

Expedia, Booking.com and Ctrip are all slated to grow at at healthy clip over the next few years despite moves by big chains to steal some market share. If Morningstar's numbers are right, then some of the chains may find that the potential advantages of their direct-booking campaigns may not be as large as they once imagined.

2 weeks ago

Clinton Vs. Trump: Where Presidential Candidates Spend Their Travel Dollars

Why use any old private jet service when you happen to own the "best" company with the "best" people? Tremendous.

2 weeks ago