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Expedia, Priceline Founders Say Voice-Based Search Is the Next Frontier in Travel

It's hard to disagree with the fact that travel planning and booking are set for a social revolution. But how long will it be until voice-controlled interfaces hit the mainstream?

5 hours ago

Expedia CEO Says Rumors of an Online Booking War Are Exaggerated

Always a cool character, Dara Khosrowshahi is steering a basically steady ship as online travel competitors become more disruptive.

6 hours ago

Marriott Has Its Sights on Expedia and Priceline Now That Starwood Buy Is Complete

The combination of loyalty and direct booking to battle the OTAs is the greatest power hotels have right now. But in the long-haul, should this be the most important battle for hotels to be fighting?

3 days ago

Trivago IPO Gets the Attention But HomeAway Could Be a Bigger Expedia Profit Generator

Vacation rentals and guest-booking fees aren't particularly sexy or headline-grabbing but 11-year-old HomeAway could have a far-reaching impact on parent Expedia's profit numbers. Trivago is a very nice plaything, too.

1 week ago

Expedia In No Rush To Replace Outgoing Northern Europe Boss

It seems Expedia is happy to bide its time to find a replacement for Andy Washington, its managing director for Northern Europe.

1 week ago

Expedia Picks 6 Banks for Trivago’s Impending IPO

Judging by the smallish (OK, not) banks already lined up, Expedia's hoped-for Trivago IPO clearly has momentum. Whether the companies can make the IPO happen before the end of 2016, which was the announced goal, remains to be seen and will depend on market conditions.

2 weeks ago

Flights to Cuba Still Missing From U.S. Booking Sites’ Travel Options

The writer is wrong to posit that the lack of airline commissions is a factor holding back online travel agencies from offering flights to Cuba. Expedia, Priceline, Google and TripAdvisor would love to be in the forefront of bringing Cuban travel to Americans for the first time in five decades but the online travel agencies must first deal the legal and regulatory complexities.

2 weeks ago

Expedia Joins Apple, Others When It Comes to European Tax Savings

It would be hard for Expedia, like any other company, to say no to 26% tax savings. Time for a bit of reform.

2 weeks ago

Expedia Is Now Helping Marriott Sell Hotels on the Chain’s Website

When it comes to relationships, hotel chains and online travel agencies have a lot of baggage but Marriott and Expedia, at least, are being open-minded and are taking advantage of each other. Expedia is becoming a technology provider for hotels in a move that has parallels with the way rival Booking.com's BookingSuite division is providing market intelligence and website services for properties. Where this all ends up is anyone's guess.

3 weeks ago

Trivago IPO Could Reach $1 Billion as Expedia Begins Selecting Banks

Trivago would likely be a hot IPO given its hyper growth and the potential further expansion of online travel around the world. However, investors will question whether the huge amount of money Trivago pours into sales and marketing is an overreach.

4 weeks ago

Expedia and Red Lion Hotels Hit Reset on Loyalty and Direct Booking

Red Lion Hotels is obviously a much smaller chain than a Hilton Worldwide or Marriott International. Still, Red Lion's deal to offer its member-only rates on Expedia.com and Hotels.com represents the start of some shifting in the direct-booking landscape. Expedia is a powerful force in hotel distribution and there will be more of these changes to come.

1 month ago

Expedia Raises Dividend Despite Q2 Wobbles

By increasing its dividend, Expedia management has put its money where its mouth is in expressing confidence about the future of the company. The takeaway: Expedia officials believe its second quarter stumble was an aberration.

1 month ago