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OpenTable Tears Down Its Walls With New Multilingual Capabilities

OpenTable is upping its language skills, although it still is in the early stages of making its restaurant relationships more global.

1 week ago

TripAdvisor Stops Booking Activities With Captive Animals and Endangered Species

We expect there will be a lot of appeals — and that tourists who really want to swim with dolphins will just book that experience in another way. But TripAdvisor is trying to address a big issue, evolving issue in a measured, thoughtful way.

2 weeks ago

TripAdvisor’s Dining Reservations Investment and More in Travel Startup Funding This Week

TripAdvisor's investing activity was down more than $30 million for the first half of 2016 and its investment in Southeast Asia's Eatigo doesn't mean it's turning up the heat on funding for startups. However, it does signal TripAdvisor's ongoing interest in getting deeper into dining reservations around the world.

3 weeks ago

It’s Been a Busy Year for Travel Acquisitions With Lodging Deals Dominating

Travel acquisitions have been humming along this year and we've seen several deals that will have a lasting impact on consumer behavior. Marriott-Starwood dominated headlines for months although Expedia and Priceline largely have been largely inactive in mergers and acquisitions so far in 2016. We still have a few months left, though.

3 weeks ago

TripAdvisor CEO Kaufer Defiantly Vows to Stay Committed to Instant Booking

Two headlines here: TripAdvisor CEO remains adamantly committed to Instant Booking -- and he isn't going anywhere anytime soon. He's still excited about his gig.

4 weeks ago

Trashing a Hotel on TripAdvisor May Soon Be Protected, Thanks to U.S. Congress

Let's be clear: Not all hotel guests and review-writers are angels. But the solution is not dodgy hotel contracts and taking punitive actions against customers. Business owners, as well as consumers, should remember the wisdom of the crowds is pretty good at protecting from one-sided and impure reviewers.

1 month ago


How Hotels Can Drive Revenue by Rethinking the Hotel Package

Turns out the packages a hotel offers at booking can be a deciding factor in consumers choosing a destination.

2 months ago

TripAdvisor Buys Citymaps to Deepen Location-Based Activities Marketing

TripAdvisor wants to be the go-to place for consumers to find in-destination activities on their smartphones. Citymaps will not only help consumers with map-based attractions' searches but will bolster TripAdvisor's abilities to perform location-based marketing. Expect more of those TripAdvisor notifications when you amble by an interesting tourist spot.

2 months ago

Can TripAdvisor Turn Things Around? The Debate Rages

Can TripAdvisor, with all its content and global reach, become another Booking.com-like success story or will TripAdvisor's prospects fade? There are plenty of possibilities within that range, too, but much depends on TripAdvisor's transition into a booking plus metasearch site. That's the $9 billion question -- and there's a wide range of opinion on the outcome.

2 months ago

Attractions Were a Bright Spot in TripAdvisor’s Tough 2nd Quarter

TripAdvisor took a beating in the second quarter, but its growing tours and activities sector is showing strength as the company tries to become all things to all travelers.

2 months ago

Google Feasts on its Own Restaurant Reviews, Angering TripAdvisor and Yelp

If Google is using the "wisdom of the crowds" to determine how it arranges restaurant information in search results then in a lot of ways it believes professional reviews, and especially those from its Zagat franchise, trump user reviews. But when it gets down to displaying the text of diners' reviews, Google unfairly believes that its own consumer reviews are the fairest of them all.

3 months ago

Hotel Chains’ New Direct-Booking Strategy? TripAdvisor Advertising

In online travel and the lodging industry, as well as politics, astute observers follow the money. As it is with Marriott: The chain is using TripAdvisor 1) for bookings with lower-than standard online travel agency commissions and 2) to advertise even-lower-cost direct bookings on Marriott.com. Makes perfect economic sense.

3 months ago