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Beyond the Hotel Stay: Bringing Loyalty to Everyday Life

Loyalty is changing. Consumers want unique experiences, flexible pricing, and a simple reward redemption process. This report explores how hospitality companies can think bigger about loyalty, engage with customers beyond the hotel stay, and embrace the idea that “lifestyle is the new loyalty.”

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Dubai’s Blueprint for a 21st-Century Tourism Destination

As the travel and tourism sector charts a new course in the face of shifts in the economy, consumer behavior, demographics, and climate change, Dubai stands out for its bold, integrated strategy to improve quality of life while stimulating both economic growth and a stronger tourism sector.

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The Re-Reinvention of the Travel Agent

Travel agents have seen many changes through the years, but the pandemic altered their profession in unimaginable ways.

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10 Best-Designed Tourism Websites

Official tourism organization websites are doing their best to catch up to the high expectations of the new traveler.

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15 Hotel Designers to Watch Now

The interior designs and architectural masterworks that are making hotels better.

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State of Travel 2022

Skift Research draws on its own research and third-party data sources to chart travel’s path into the future.

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