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Kayak Co-Founder Paul English Plans to Open Up Lola App to Travel Agents Worldwide

In a funny twist of fate, the man who helped drive consumers away from traditional travel agents with Kayak is now building a business around them. By combining the convenience of an app with the human touch, English and company are hoping to hit a sweet spot.

1 month ago

Kayak’s Co-Founder and the Secret of Travel Startup Success

Travel startups take a dramatically different idea, creativity, exuberance, focus, money, connections, a dedication to team building, and a helluva lot of hubris. Depending on the moment, Kayak and Lola co-founder Paul English has all of the above in ever-changing quantities.

1 month ago

The Future of Travel Metasearch — Digital Marketing News This Week

With the threat of direct booking, the constant spending by traditional online travel agencies, and the move to mobile, metasearch has been forced to rethink its role in the booking funnel.

2 months ago

Expedia and Priceline CEOs on Messaging Apps: ‘So Far So Good’

There's so much excitement and anticipation around messaging and artificial intelligence that Priceline and Expedia CEOs' remarks remind us that this emerging technology is still too new to gauge regarding potential success. Still, CEOs of both companies seem pleased with how messaging has performed so far.

3 months ago

Kayak CEO Explains How Airbnb Combats Hotel Surge Pricing

According to Kayak's CEO, Airbnb is preventing traditional hotels from implementing surge prices, and Brexit is impacting tourism far more than recent acts of terrorism.

3 months ago

Travel Bots on Messaging Platforms Are the Trend Now

Though bots still aren't completely frictionless and can't think like a human (yet), they certainly offer a way for consumers to have a conversation with a brand during the booking process that wasn't possible before. And it is potentially a very cheap channel for the brands.

5 months ago

Lola’s Booking Experiment Mixing Artificial Intelligence and Travel Agents Is Live

Lola wants to use mobile messaging, and an artificial intelligence system that learns traveler preferences, to reinvent how consumers book travel using a travel agent. Everyone else wants to cut travel agents out. Lola wants to deal them in.

6 months ago

Google Is Planning on Launching a Travel Assistant App

Google tends to favor digital products over human-facing services but it's possible that a new "travel assistant app" could blend the two. Then again, they've tried this before.

6 months ago

Exclusive: Kayak to Launch Restaurants, Tours and Activities Comparison-Shopping Features

Engineering geeks like big, tough problems and the coders at Kayak are attempting to take on the challenges of comparing diverse restaurants in a city and also the attributes of this hop-on hop-off Beverly Hills tour versus a competitor's. And you thought comparing various flights with bag fees was tough?

7 months ago

Kayak Adds a Bot to Slack to Expand Booking Via Messaging Apps

Give Kayak credit for going where the users are and building a travel-search app on top of Slack. Is Slack the optimum way to plan a trip? Hardly. But there will be some users, who are chatting at the office in Slack all day, who could find it convenient. Messaging apps such as WhatsApp would be fertile ground as well.

7 months ago

Kayak and HotelTonight Trademark Dispute Ends in Partnership

Kayak apparently got cute in trying to use the phrase "Hotel for tonight" in its apps and it appears as though HotelTonight prevailed in a trademark flap. Now they've partnered up as HotelTonight is selling through Kayak in a bid to trim costs.

8 months ago

Expedia Brands Dominate TV Ad Spending by Travel Booking Sites in 2015

Priceline's and Expedia's respective selling and marketing spend on a global scale shows why Priceline remains on top despite all of Expedia's acquisitions. Priceline does it much more efficiently, getting a lot more bang for a buck.

8 months ago