How Hotels are Utilizing Messaging as an Operational Strategy

Download this free report from Skift and Checkmate to learn how travel brands can utilize messaging to create better customer experience and streamline operations.

Facebook Adds Boarding Passes to Messenger and More Digital Marketing News This Week

Chat apps are no longer just for chat. Check out China's ubiquitous WeChat platform, which handles everything from bill payment to transportation reservations, for a sign of where the industry is headed.

Microsoft Wants to Bring Travel Bots to Skype Messaging

We'll jump at the chance for automated expense reporting whenever we can and Microsoft's Cortana and Skype bots have potential to help travelers book trips. We just need to see whether travelers will trust bots as they've trusted their own booking capabilities in the past.

Kayak Adds a Bot to Slack to Expand Booking Via Messaging Apps

Give Kayak credit for going where the users are and building a travel-search app on top of Slack. Is Slack the optimum way to plan a trip? Hardly. But there will be some users, who are chatting at the office in Slack all day, who could find it convenient. Messaging apps such as WhatsApp would be fertile ground as well.

Hilton’s Snapchat Test and More Digital Marketing News This Week

Most travel brands have so far shied away from Snapchat for all the right reasons. Marketing efforts on the platform have a fuzzy return on investment and can be difficult to scale.

Vintage Travel’s Resurgence and More Digital Marketing News This Week

Items like film cameras and retro hotels are finding new life with travelers. Is it a blip on the radar, or a sign of a greater yearning for experiences that are less commoditized and more personal?

Reaching China’s Discerning Travelers and More Digital Marketing News This Week

Despite the country's recent economic downturn, Chinese travelers remain an important and growing source of revenue for travel brands. More marketers need to get smarter about how to reach them using services like WeChat.

Skift Travel Megatrend for 2016: The Industry Is Ready for a 360-Degree View of the Traveler

With this comprehensive view into the traveler’s journey, the industry is poised to elevate and per-sonalize the travel experience further than ever.

The Evolution of Travel Search and More in Digital Marketing This Week

Expedia and Booking.com are wildly successful because they're great at converting travel shoppers into buyers. In order to keep growing, however, they'll need to move further up the "purchase funnel" to capture travelers who are still in the research phase. New search features may be the way to do it.

The Cruise Industry’s Digital Shakeup and More in Digital Marketing This Week

Recent tech innovations suggest the cruise industry is eager to dispel notions it's behind the times. But beyond speedier, cheaper Wi-Fi, will passengers notice the difference?