Membership-Based Apps Try to Make Their Marks in Travel Booking

Several of these apps blend online and offline, and most are leveraging membership fees as a way to prosper. You know how this goes: One or two may prosper and the rest will be a footnote.

AI and the Future of Flight Search – Digital Marketing News This Week

Will artificially intelligent flight search tools finally put an end to the ceaseless "what's best time to buy a plane ticket?" questions? We can only hope.

5 Travel Apps That Set the New Mobile Standard for the Industry

We haven't always been enthusiastic about travel apps. These five, though, have something that most others can learn from.

The Travel Industry’s Drone Dilemma – Digital Marketing News This Week

There's obvious safety and privacy reasons to limit widespread use of drones at popular tourist sites. But perhaps there's a way these robotic flying machines, if used responsibly, can still inspire and excite travelers' imaginations.

3 New Apps Reimagine the User Experience for Event, LGBT and Cultural Travel

In a world with so many travel apps of suspect value and necessity, these three platforms deliver real improvements for users in each of the three travel categories.

Lola’s Booking Experiment Mixing Artificial Intelligence and Travel Agents Is Live

Lola wants to use mobile messaging, and an artificial intelligence system that learns traveler preferences, to reinvent how consumers book travel using a travel agent. Everyone else wants to cut travel agents out. Lola wants to deal them in.

Boingo Reports $10 Million Loss But Exceeds Forecasts

Will Boingo continue to be an integral service between consumers and public places, or will it get pushed aside as connectivity becomes less complex?

The Rise and Fall of Porter Airlines — Digital Marketing News This Week

Fliers consistently rave about the perks and convenience of airlines like Porter. But the sad truth is that more powerful industry competitors and government regulators can make or break the success of upstarts, simply by denying access to key airports or limiting their growth.

Google’s New Travel App Is a Mashup of Guidebook and TripIt

As with anything Google does, you can expect Google Trips to be very much a work in progress that goes through numerous iterations before it becomes available to the public. But its beta release expands Google's footprint in the travel ecosystem especially since so many consumers begin their trip planning in the search engine and explore destinations with the Maps app.

New Skift Trends Report: The State of Traveler Connectivity in 2016

Traveler demand for, and use of, Internet connection services is soaring, creating a dilemma for travel brands that must walk a precarious tightrope between charging for access and risking customer anger over unreliable free service.