Boingo Adds Major U.S. Cell Carrier to Make Wi-Fi Faster at U.S. Airports

Airports with decent Wi-Fi are becoming more common than those without it. Boingo's new partnership with a major U.S. carrier will hopefully take airport Wi-Fi even further towards a seamless experience.

TripAdvisor’s CEO Says That Apps Are the Key to Future Success

TripAdvisor's strategy prioritizes the importance of the app over mobile Web and desktop. With its ability to access Booking.com's trove of hotel descriptions and photos, TripAdvisor is seeing lots of success through its app in driving repeat bookers. The bottom line, though, is cheap hotel prices are key.

Google Is Killing Zagat’s 30-Point Rating System in Its Restaurant App

The new Zagat — which jettisons the old 30-point rating scale in favor of a more familiar five-point system — will have a more obvious influence from Google, its owner since 2011.

Designing Flight Search for Mobile — Digital Marketing News This Week

Flight searches have never really "worked" on mobile. There's simply too much detail involved with purchases to make it worthwhile. Virgin America's new mobile search interface hopes to change that.

Google Focuses on Deals With Changes to Mobile Travel Products

It seemingly takes Google forever to roll out new features in travel products such as Hotel Ads and Google Flights. But in light of all that A/B testing going on, Google will continue to take its own sweet time. Google is not beholden to anyone else's schedule. After all, it's Google.

The Instagram Photo That Launched a Travel Brand – Digital Marketing News This Week

Instagram is no longer just an "experiment" for the travel industry. The service's most popular content creators and marketers are increasingly turning their posts into big business. Whether that's a good thing for users is another story.

Business Travelers Are Using Mobile Apps — But Not Necessarily the Way Employers Wish They Would

The holy grail for a travel manager would be an all-in-one app that travelers would actually want to use while staying within company policy — and on the radar in case of emergency. Goals are good.

How Travel Brands Thrive in the ‘Expectation Economy’ – Digital Marketing News This Week

Uber, Lyft, and their rivals aren't just disrupting the taxi industry. The companies have set a new standard of service that all brands in the travel industry are being forced to imitate, whether they're ready or not.

4 Charts Showing Growth of Online and Mobile Travel Bookings by 2020

Here are more reasons to prepare for mobile to imminently overtake desktop for online travel bookings, along with more signs that travel can obviously learn something from retail which far surpasses it with mobile sales.

4 Charts That Illustrate the State of Mobile Travel App Bookings

Whoever believes that online travel agencies are down and out during this direct bookings push by hotels is sorely mistaken. Not only does this data show travelers still fully embrace booking sites, it also shows that they're increasingly using them on mobile devices -- a platform increasingly eating share from desktop.