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Three Digital Commerce Strategy Reports You May Have Missed

How and where travel brands connect with the new experiential consumer will continue to evolve and shift along these three critical axes: Digital payments, mobile booking, and travel ad tech. Those that push beyond the best practices will take the most risk, but stand to gain the biggest reward.

1 week ago

Corporate Travel Companies Still Trying to Figure Out Mobile Tools

Travel managers seem to know that they need to get a better handle on mobile use — the question is how travelers will respond to clear-cut recommendations.

1 month ago

China Considers Allowing Mobile Phone Use for Web Access on Planes

Chinese travelers would get to use WeChat and other mobile applications on flights under new rules now under consideration. There is no safety reason to keep existing prohibitions and lifting them will open all kinds of e-commerce opportunities for the airlines.

1 month ago

iPad Apps a Factor in Steep Decline in Fatal Private Plane Crashes

Better technology, including the availability of mobile weather and other apps for pilots, is a contributing factor in a drop in fatalities in private plane crashes. Assuredly there are other factors behind the decline but getting better apps into the hands of pilots and co-pilots, and reducing paperwork so they can concentrate on flying the plane, is definitely a positive development.

2 months ago

New Skift Trends Report: Digital Payments in Travel 2016

The global digital payments ecosystem is undergoing a rapid and monumental shift; smart travel brands need to stay on top of the shifts in how we pay for goods and services.

3 months ago

TrustYou Acquires Hotel-Messaging Platform CheckMate

We don't know the terms of the transaction. Still, messaging, mobile and review analytics all make for a nice concoction and the two companies will likely be better for the mixture.

3 months ago


New Skift Data Deck: The Forces Shaping Business Travel

The Forces Shaping Business Travel Data Deck paints a picture of the business travel landscape and the trends impacting the business traveler of the future through a curation of charts, stats, and data. Download this data deck for free!

3 months ago

Stayful Rolls Out Clever Mobile Business Model to Onboard Boutique Hotels

Stayful is counting on boutique and independent hotels giving up some control in exchange for free mobile services and incremental revenue. Free has a track record of working although properties will have to consider the tradeoffs.

3 months ago


Make Way For Hospitality’s Deskless Employee

As hospitality businesses struggle to create operational efficiencies, many look to tech to help hotel staff ditch the desk.

3 months ago

CEO Interview: Paul English on Going Mobile-Only in Travel Booking

English envisions a travel booking experience where users can simply talk to their phone and have the perfect trip planned for them. Questions remain, however, about how exactly Lola's technology will enable customer service professionals to become indistinguishable from experienced travel agents.

5 months ago

TripAdvisor’s Instant Booking Bet Looks Ugly Right Now

TripAdvisor continues to labor to transform its business from a media/advertising model toward a booking site -- under the glare of all-too-often impatient pundits and investors. The big decline in its revenue per hotel shopper, meanwhile, is likely a temporary hurdle but TripAdvisor management still has a helluva lot to prove.

5 months ago

Hilton Launches a New Video Ad Campaign to Push Direct Bookings

Many travel and tourism brands are harnessing the power of 360-degree video to inspire travelers, but this is the first time we've seen it used to convert direct bookings. It'll be interesting to see the results of this campaign by the end of this year.

5 months ago