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Our Skift Webinar, “Everything Is Converging in Hospitality: Is Personalization the Answer for Travel Marketers?” takes a closer look at one of the trends defining travel in 2019. Register to view the recording.

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Earlier this year, we released our annual travel industry trends forecast: Skift Megatrends 2019. In our recent webinar, we’re diving into our Megatrend “Everything Is Converging in Hospitality” to decipher what it means for hotel executives, as well as why it requires marketers to adopt a new approach to personalization.


As we learned from Skift’s 2019 Megatrend, “Everything Is Converging in Hospitality,” hoteliers are shifting their focus from merely selling hotel rooms to becoming merchants and marketers offering access to nearly every piece of the customer travel journey. The new objective is to deliver the perfect travel experience for each customer along every touchpoint on an individualized, trip-by-trip, basis.

But accomplishing this is no easy feat. As travel brands across all industry sectors are starting to realize, the process of understanding the customer journey, and what travelers want in the moment, requires a more tailored approach to marketing than what’s currently offered. It will require a willingness to take personalization to the next level, evolving beyond broad-based target segments and commodity products to offer exactly the right product, to the right customer, at the right time.

To do that, today’s top travel brands are using data to deliver customized, real-time marketing at scale, providing a deeper understanding of their customers, and more personalized experiences for travelers. In fact, the best brands are using data to enable smarter allocation of their marketing budgets and ensure better overall campaign performance.

In this webinar, SkiftX Research Editor Jeremy Kressmann will be joined by Sojern’s Chief Solutions Officer, Kurt Weinsheimer, for a lively conversation about the impact of this exciting evolution in hospitality marketing. We’ll investigate how hotel executives can adapt their personalization strategies to better satisfy the ever-changing wants and needs of today’s hotel guests—and how top travel brands can tap into technology advancements and deep traveler data to deliver customized, real-time marketing at scale.

Executives working in the hospitality sector, along with any travel marketer interested in fine-tuning their approach to personalization, should join us for this informative discussion.


This content was created collaboratively by Sojern and Skift’s branded content studio, SkiftX.

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