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Take your work to the next level with a membership to the travel industry’s essential suite of tailored subscriptions. Whether it’s essential daily news from across the travel industry, a daily digest for hotel development pros, weekly and daily insights for aviation experts, or exclusive research for the C-suite, there’s a Skift product for you and your company.

Daily News

Skift Pro

  • Unlimited access to daily news stories and articles
  • Members-only columns from leading journalists
  • Weekly email digest
Pay Quarterly
Per Month
Charged $155 per quarter
Pay Yearly
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Charged $395 per year
Exclusive Research and Insights

Skift Research

  • Access to 30+ new reports per year
  • Skift Recovery Index data and insights
  • Skift Health Score comparative data for major brands
Pay Monthly
Per Month
Charged $195 per month
Pay Yearly
Per Month
Charged $2095 per year
Essential Aviation Insights

Airline Weekly

  • 48 issues delivered to begin the work week
  • AW Daily breaking news and end-of-the-week digest
  • Exclusive industry CEO interviews
Pay Monthly
Per Month
Charged $95 per month
Pay Yearly
Per Month
Charged $995 per year
Intelligence for Hospitality Decision Makers

Daily Lodging Report

  • Actionable intelligence for hotel executive and real estate leaders
  • Specialized North American and Asia-Pacific coverage
  • Delivered to email inboxes through the week
Pay Bi-Annually
Per Month
Charged $450 per half
Pay Yearly
Per Month
Charged $695 per year

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Airline Weekly is the only thing I read every week.
Ed Bastian, Delta Air Lines, CEO
Skift Research is our shortcut to the market.
Head of Consumer Insights, IHG
We look to Skift Research to provide additional education and industry-leading insights to our Partners.
CMO, Visit Florida