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Tripadvisor News

Tripadvisor is a travel website that provides reviews, ratings, recommendations, and bookings for various travel-related products and services, such as hotels, attractions, flights, and vacation rentals.

Tripadvisor offers a variety of services to travelers and businesses, such as:

Reviews and ratings: Tripadvisor allows users to share their opinions, experiences, and photos of various travel-related products and services, such as hotels, restaurants, attractions, etc. Users can also rate these products and services on a scale of 1 to 5.
Comparison and booking: Tripadvisor enables users to search for and compare prices, availability, and features of various travel-related products and services offered by third-party providers. Users can also book or reserve these products and services directly through Tripadvisor or its partners.
Trip planning: Tripadvisor helps users to plan their trips by providing recommendations, suggestions, guides, maps, forums, etc. Users can also create their own trip itineraries or browse through other users’ trips.

Tripadvisor brands include: Viator, Flipkey, Cruise Critic, Bókun, SeatGuru, and other smaller niche sites.

Media and PR

TripAdvisor’s friendship with Facebook hits its bottom line this quarter

Stephen Kaufer isn't going to be the most popular guy on Wall Street, but TripAdvisor's attempt to crunch user data and pour money into Facebook marketing to get better conversions for advertising partners, looks like a sage move. If analysts, looking for immediate results, don't like it, they can always write a review.

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TripAdvisor won’t remove review despite hotel’s Olympic security concerns

The hotel is being overly defensive about mentions of its Ministry of Defence guests, and TripAdvisor is correct in not censoring the review-writer. After all, according to the article, the hotel has written openly in the past about special rates for ministry employees so it's no secret.


TripAdvisor making friends in UK after spate of bad PR

After getting slapped on the wrist by UK regulatory authorities regarding the trustworthiness of its reviews, and being subjected to adverse press reports, TripAdvisor is anxious to portray its tourism status as a solid citizen. Of course 25% of TripAdvisor users stay longer at hotels than other travelers -- it takes time to pack and write all those reviews before heading out to the next destination.

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Kayak IPO or TripAdvisor: Which is the better bet?

TripAdvisor's path to global growth is a much easier one than Kayak's and it is not hard to envision heightened competition or even a merger of the two over time.

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Why Kayak wants its IPO now and why it thinks $22 a share is the right price

A dream deferred no longer -- maybe. Kayak can almost taste the public markets now, but as its IPO roadshow kicks into gear, this is not yet a done deal.


How Flipkey plans to get back in the game

Flipkey will continue to try to differntiate itself through reliable user reviews and inbound traffic from TripAdvisor, but it will need to overcome its parent company's propensity to under-invest in its non-TA properties.

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KwikChex rates review sites through its own lens

KwikCheck, which represents hotels, hates unverified hotel reviews so TripAdvisor is near the bottom of the list. TripAdvisor-owned Flipkey, which publishes only verified reviews about vacation rentals, is a favorite. In publishing its list, where is KwikChex's transparency about filing complaints with UK regulatory authorities against at least two of the companies in its ranking?

Media and PR

TripAdvisor’s Facebook app surges through paid marketing and social growth

What's behind the surge of users of TripAdvisor's Cities I've Visited app on Facebook? It didn't happen by chance.