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Tourists See England as One Big Sale Sign Right Now

Until UK retailers adjust prices, the country will attract visitors happy to spend as much or more than in the past, yet walk away with so much more.

14 hours ago

Chinese Travelers’ Overseas Spending Data Doesn’t Add up in the U.S., EU and Japan

Many Chinese travelers take overseas trips to buy goods and avoid taxes but it looks like that's having adverse effects on the global economy.

1 month ago

Lack of Traveler Spending and Strong Dollar Hurts Retailer Abercrombie in Q2

If you think that any travel slump in the U.S. because of the strong dollar would just impact airlines, hotels and car rentals than guess again because clothing retailer Abercrombie & Fitch pins its second quarter weakness on lack of traveler spending and the strength of the U.S. dollar.

2 months ago

Japan Has a Word to Describe the Effects of Chinese Tourists’ ‘Explosive Shopping’

The diversification of Chinese tourists' shopping interests is good news for Japan. But as European tourism officials will tell you, they shouldn't be surprised if shopping habits change.

2 months ago

Chinese Tourists See Brexit Vote and Pound Decline as One Big ‘Sale’ Sign

While we don't have Burberry on our shopping list, we look forward to feeling less squeezed this summer when we visit London. It's a feeling that most visitors have practically forgotten.

4 months ago

A Lull in Tourism is Expected to Hurt the Luxury Goods Market

A slowdown in tourism doesn't just harm the travel industry. As the habits of shopping travelers from China to Brazil and beyond change, so will the expectations of retail brands in major tourism markets.

5 months ago

European Airports Are Retooling Shopping at Terminals to Raise Revenue

Whether or not people flock to the shops, redesigned terminals are rarely a bad thing. Unless, of course, you're forced to slalom through display stands to get to your gate on time.

6 months ago

Southern Europe Just May Save Airport Duty Free Sales This Year

Although Dufry certainly wouldn't explain it this way, duty free sales are a benchmark for what people will spend on goods when they're feeling positive — otherwise they definitely wouldn't be buying perfume, chocolates, cigarettes, and liquor.

6 months ago

Skift CMO Interview Series: The Retailer That Knows What Flyers Want

For some, shopping at the airport is a pricey hassle. For others, it's a way to enjoy the flying experience a little more. Brands like Hudson are realizing that better meeting the needs of travelers is the way to thrive in the digital age.

6 months ago

Another Luxury Retail Brand Cites Tourism Spending as Reason for Slump

Tourists aren't stupid. When money's tight, the trip counts more than the shopping for luxury goods they don't really need.

6 months ago

Strong Dollar Is Bad News for Macy’s International Shoppers

There were a few golden years of international tourism retail in the U.S. As the dollar picks up speed, these boom times are receding.

12 months ago

Airbnb’s New Apple TV App May Be the Ultimate Interactive Catalog for the Armchair Traveler

In and outside the travel industry, Airbnb's website has been a model of smart design. Its new Apple TV app likely will set a standard, as well.

1 year ago