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Inside Air Canada’s Complicated Effort to Resurrect a Loyalty Program: Air Canada relaunches its Aeroplan program on November 8. But are loyalty programs still relevant amid a global pandemic? An airline executive says they are. We tend to think he’s right.

Dear Mr. President — Your Policies Could Make or Break the Travel Industry: Presidential policies and tone can go a long way toward making or breaking the U.S. travel industry. The president has to balance all parts of the economy and the needs of the country’s citizens, but pumping up the travel industry because of its vast economic impact would go a long way toward wider economic recovery.

What the Latest U.S. Airport Security Screening Numbers Tell Us: Air travel demand appears to have plateaued in the U.S. International travel demand, after showing some signs of life in the summer, is slowing down as countries impose new travel restrictions in response to a resurgent pandemic.

Hyatt CEO Says Second Wave of Virus Will Curtail Hotel Industry’s Ongoing Recovery: Hoteliers have been generally optimistic about the hotel industry’s pandemic recovery pattern heading into the winter, typically a drop-off for leisure travel. Hyatt’s CEO Mark Hoplamazian just gave the industry a much-needed wake-up call.

Airbnb Accused in Lawsuit of Ripping Off Hosts and Guests With Covid Refund Policy: This lawsuit on behalf of hosts will do little to deter Airbnb’s proposed initial public offering. Although it will generate negative headlines, large companies like Airbnb often treat class action lawsuits as the price of doing business.

Tripadvisor to Launch Its First Subscription Plan for Travelers: Has Tripadvisor finally come up with a subscription plan for consumers that would enable it to differentiate itself from competitors and to more effectively compete with consumers? One challenge would be to get hotels to offer perks when many may see Tripadvisor’s offering as clashing with their own loyalty efforts.

How the Pandemic Made This Investment Firm a Leading U.S. Hotel Player Overnight: Highgate’s mega-hotel portfolio acquisition makes it a top national hotel landlord, and it is likely just the beginning of further pandemic investment opportunities across the entire hospitality industry.

Four Seasons Sees 20-Year-Old Private Homes Business as Integral Part of Pandemic Strategy: Four Seasons isn’t straying too far from the traditional hotel model when it comes to finding revenue during the pandemic, but Private Retreats is a smart tool to appeal to changing traveler demands surrounding complete control of a stay.

New Upbeat Trends in Latin America Offer Trivago Hope: Trivago has big structural problems, such as two online travel agencies being responsible for three-quarters of its referral revenue, but it appears to be managing costs and pumping out product changes during this down time. Give the company credit for maintaining a pulse.

Expedia Bolsters Its Promise to Streamline by Sharpening Use of Data: Using an American football analogy, Expedia Group is working on technique and drawing up a new playbook during its bye week. The company claims to not care much about market share dynamics now because travel volumes are low, but it is trying to be ready to come back strong when the game resumes.

3 New Design Concepts for Hospitality That Make Even More Sense Post-Covid: The pandemic has changed owner-investor behavior. It has also changed what customers want out of luxury hospitality. What are the new models that are well-positioned for growth as the sector rebuilds? Here’s a look at some potentials.

Video: Interview With IAC/Expedia Group Chairman Barry Diller at Skift Global Forum: Barry Diller resoundingly endorsed the future of travel when he said “if there’s life, there’s travel.” Maybe that’s why the recent $1 billion investment in MGM Resorts won’t be the last for Diller in the sector.

Saudi Arabia Businesses May Finally Adopt Digital Travel Booking Due to Pandemic: You can’t change culture overnight, but there could be opportunities for corporate travel agencies to make their mark — if they’re willing to take the kingdom’s ambitious modernization plan seriously.

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