How Much It Pays to Book Direct Depends on the Hotel Brand

Not all hotel loyalty member rates are created equal, and it pays to read the fine print.

5 Big Takeaways for Hoteliers From This Year’s J.D. Power Hotel Guest Satisfaction Rankings

If this year’s study is any indication, it’s clear guests are expecting a whole lot more from hotels than they have before in the coming year.

Orbitz Founding CEO Gets Backing From Major Airlines and Hotel Chains for ‘Experiences’ Startup

The Jeff Katz and Boston Consulting Group startup Dihedral -- with an assist from two major airlines and four hotel chains -- can turn out to be something huge or meander nowhere like some of the traveler journeys they'll be charting. Certainly the two have a track record and they are hitting all the right notes, including Big Data and experiences.

These Are the Best Hotel Companies to Work for in 2016

Unfortunately missing from these lists, however, are smaller firms that may, arguably, treat their employees just as well as these bigger ones do. Still, a lot of companies, regardless of industry, could learn from the ways in which they treat and value their workforces.

The Current State of Keyless Entry at Big Hotel Brands

Last year marked a pivotal moment in terms of keyless room technology, as Starwood, Hilton, Marriott, and other brands announced investments in the mobile tech. And while there is consumer uptake, this still feels like a transitional technology that has us asking: What's next?

Following Brexit Vote, Hotel Stocks Plummet

It's still very early to tell exactly how the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union will impact the overall tourism industry but when it comes to hotels, the biggest concerns relate to its impact on immigration and the migrant workers who make up a large portion of the country's hospitality workforce.

Tokyo, the Park Hyatt and the Art of the Hotel Arrival

It is a delight to witness a hotel arrival that hums with quiet efficiency and professionalism

Travel Bots on Messaging Platforms Are the Trend Now

Though bots still aren't completely frictionless and can't think like a human (yet), they certainly offer a way for consumers to have a conversation with a brand during the booking process that wasn't possible before. And it is potentially a very cheap channel for the brands.

9 Largest Hotel Loyalty Programs: Growing Members Faster Than Engagement

Hotels are getting more people to join their loyalty programs than ever before. Now they just need to raise their engagement levels to keep them coming back — booking direct, as they'd prefer.

Marriott, Hyatt and Hilton Are Shedding Their Dated Design Legacies

Corporate hotel developers and the big hospitality brands are reworking their design visions to create more natural light, open spaces, integrated lobbies, and communal seating to deliver a more trendy and social guest experience.