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For Hotel CEOs, Understanding the Magic Behind Branding Has Never Been More Crucial

The biggest news from last week’s hospitality conferences was that there wasn’t much news. But where there was, it all had to do with a single theme: branding. Here’s why.

4 months ago

Interview: Four Seasons CEO on the Brand’s Singular Focus

While others are launching or acquiring new brands to increase their global footprints, Four Seasons has stuck with a singular brand that boasts diverse luxury properties. How long it will continue to play the contrarian in this world of mergers and soft brands is another story.

9 months ago

Hotel Minibars Try to Make a Comeback With Better Design and Local Products

While many say the minibar is down it definitely isn't out and companies are reimagining cleaner designs that bring together all the things hotels love, like local and tech.

9 months ago

The Company Behind the New Crop of Branded Private Jet Vacations

A private jet vacation is a convenient way for the luxury traveler who has seen it all to experience an array of diverse destinations during a single trip.

10 months ago

Four Seasons Keeps Visitors Wired With Free Wi-Fi Across All Its Properties

To meet consumer demands and make it easier for visitors to access the mobile app, Four Seasons unveiled a new standard of Wi-Fi: complimentary access available for an unlimited number of devices.

12 months ago

The Science of Creating the Right Smell for a Four-Star Hotel

A hotel with the right scent signals to guests that the property is focused on every little thing.

1 year ago

Four Seasons Hotels Taps Big Data to Upsell Food and Beverage

The travel and hospitality industry is indeed putting Big Data to use. One of the chief problems, though, is figuring out what to do with the massive amounts of data that guests provide every day.

1 year ago

Four Seasons Condo in Los Angeles To Be Offered for $50 Million

There's obviously a market for super-upscale condos tied to services at luxury hotels such as Four Seasons and Ritz-Carlton. Developers in Los Angeles are following through on this mission.

1 year ago

Strategic Hotels Looking for a Buyer for Its Luxury Hotel Portfolio

While hotel brands have gone asset light, smart investors still love marquee real estate.

1 year ago

Four Seasons Has an App That It Hopes Won’t Distract From Its Humans

This app is by no means a game-changer. But you have to admire Four Seasons' effort to create a hotel app giving guests access to every service available in the hotel. And there are plenty of humans around to follow through.

1 year ago

A Peek Inside the Four Seasons Private Jet, and It’s Glorious, But…

It's not the Concorde. There's far more room inside, for a start, and plenty of time to enjoy all that pampering.

1 year ago

Top 10 Hotel Brands on Social Media for November 2014

The joy of giving and receiving was appreciated by hotel brands and fans.

2 years ago