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Airbnb Will Try to Sue Its Way Out of New York Law’s Restrictions

New York legislators wrote this law with Airbnb's legal response in mind. We think arguing on these grounds will prove difficult for the company.

1 day ago

Airbnb Loses New York Battle as Governor Signs New Law Aimed at Hosts

Airbnb would like to focus on expanding its product into more aspects of travel, but it's going to keep its lobbyists and lawyers very happy the rest of this year and into the next.

2 days ago

Airbnb Says Its Users Spend Billions on Local Restaurants

Airbnb does an excellent job getting people into neighborhoods that otherwise are closed to outsiders. Whether or not that adds up to $4.5 billion is up for debate, but it is a significant impact.

3 days ago

Airbnb Wants to Strike a Deal With Politicians in New York and San Francisco

Airbnb is finally trying to meet lawmakers and housing advocates in the middle, but it's unclear if it's willing to provide cities enough access to its data to know if the proposed guidelines will be met.

4 days ago

Airbnb Has Ambitions in France Beyond Paris

Paris and France will be one of the most fascinating stories in tourism for the next few years, and Airbnb is just one interesting part of it.

1 week ago

New Data Suggests Airbnb’s Impact on Hotels Is Less Than Perceived

This report seems to suggest hoteliers don't have much to worry about when it comes to Airbnb but we're dealing more with apples and oranges here than apples and apples.

2 weeks ago

Airbnb’s Most Well-Funded European Rival Wimdu Is Acquired by 9flats

Despite the large amount of funding Wimdu received in 2011, it was never able to scale its operation on a global basis like Airbnb. The variety of laws restricting the ability of Europeans to list their homes on a roomsharing platform likely hastened its demise.

2 weeks ago

A Better Look at Airbnb’s New City Hosts Program for Next-Gen Tours and Activities

Can Airbnb succeed in making packaged tours or peer-to-peer travel experiences cool? That's the big question when it comes to its latest investment, which is set to debut at its upcoming Airbnb Open in November. We have a feeling Airbnb just might be able to.

2 weeks ago

Judge in Airbnb Vs. San Francisco Fight Questions Communications Decency Act Defense

We really don't think the free speech argument is the way for Airbnb to proceed here, especially in a city where many people support the service. We think a new model of transparency and collaboration is much better.

2 weeks ago

The Larger Implications of Airbnb’s Lawsuit Against San Francisco

While it's not hard to see the merits of a law like the Communications Decency Act when it comes to protecting free speech, it's also not hard to see why cities like San Francisco are trying to come up with ways to regulate short-term rentals because of the potential impact on local communities and housing.

2 weeks ago

Airbnb Teams Up With Qantas for a Major Loyalty Play

Airbnb has made it clear it's not a hotel company in the traditional sense, but with its latest loyalty play, it appears to be taking its lead from hotel-airline partnerships. Which makes us wonder: Will it eventually launch its own loyalty program in the not-so-distant future? Are other airline partnerships in other global regions also in the works now that they've already formed deals in Australia and the U.S.?

3 weeks ago

The Sharing Economy Startups That Put a High-End Spin on Airbnb

While there are a number of these startups primed for luxury second homes, it's too soon to count out Airbnb with making a push in this arena, especially as it ramps up its own vacation rentals business. And let's not forget about other alternative accommodations providers that offer similar services, such as onefinestay and Oasis, both of which have been funded (or bought) by AccorHotels.

3 weeks ago