The IRS Makes It Easier to Pay Taxes on Uber and Airbnb Income

This is a clear sign that the sharing economy isn’t in its infancy anymore.

Interview: Airbnb’s China Rival Tujia and the Power of Home-Field Advantage

Given what happened with Didi Chunxing and Uber, can other businesses like Airbnb compete in China? What can vacation rental and homesharing companies learn from homegrown Chinese startups like Tujia?

Anaheim Isn’t Dropping Its Ban on Airbnb, But It Won’t Try to Fine Them Anymore

Just because Anaheim won’t fine Airbnb, HomeAway, or other alternative accommodations providers, doesn’t mean they won’t try to fine the hosts who advertise illegal listings on those sites.

Iceland Tourism and the Mixed Blessings of Airbnb

The island nation of Iceland, which is roughly the size of Portugal and located about 1,100 miles northwest of London, is a flashpoint for the encroaching forces of tourism, globalization, and of course, Airbnb, too.

Communications Decency Act Protecting Websites Shows Wear After Two Decades

If a non-tech company tried to defend itself with this shield, most people would call B.S. It's time for all of us to support the next generation of this law so that it applies to how the Internet works now rather than in the (first) Clinton administration.

Airbnb Tests Standalone Guide and Restaurants App

Airbnb is going to be a player in local activities and possibly restaurant reservations, both of which are a focus of its new -- and still unreleased -- app. Google aims to get more involved as well.

Airbnb Co-Founder Talks Design, Trust, and New Community Models

On several fronts, it's obvious that Airbnb is working hard to diversify and expand its products. And Samara, an Airbnb design studio, which is headed by co-founder and chief product officer Joe Gebbia, is the latest manifestation of that.

Airbnb Has a Golden Moment at the Rio Olympics

For all the challenges facing this year's Summer Games, chief among them a lack of hotel rooms, the beauty of Airbnb's flexible supply scheme makes it ideal for major events like the Olympics.

How Wyndham Plans to Tackle Vacation Rental Disruptors

With the likes of Airbnb playing up the sheer number of properties available, it makes sense for Wyndham to make a point of some of the advantages you get when booking direct with a company.

Airbnb Valuation Soars to $30 Billion With New $850 Million Funding

Airbnb may have its regulatory difficulties here and there but this isn't stopping investors from pouring money into the company so it can pick off a new market or two.