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Is Trust Enough in The Sharing Economy?

By tackling the issue of trust, not only will companies in the sharing economy be able to raise standards, they might also be able to keep regulators off their backs.

6 hours ago

Airbnb Now Letting Hosts Search for Superhosts to Professionalize Listings

Airbnb is doing all it can to scale up its listings globally, including using more management companies. The problem for Airbnb as it goes corporate is how will the guest experience retain any semblance of authenticity.

4 days ago

Airbnb’s Latest Investment Values It as Much as Hilton and Hyatt Combined

Is Airbnb's valuation for real? We'll have to wait for it to go public to see how it would really stack up against the market caps of major hotel chains.

4 days ago

Airbnb Relies on Its Hosts to Fight New York’s New Short-Term Rental Laws

Both sides of this debate could be saving themselves millions if Airbnb were simply more transparent and honest about sharing its data, and if both worked together to implement common sense regulations and policies that benefit everyone in the local community.

5 days ago

Travel Startups Raised $2.5 Billion So Far in 2016

Things haven't looked great on paper for travel startup funding this year. Many investors have told us they feel there's a lack of originality in travel and that, combined with the global economy, likely explains what's going on.

5 days ago

Airbnb Gains Market Share in France While Hotels See Reservations Drop

Airbnb is reporting good news in France while major hotels are wincing as they reflect on their summer occupancy levels.

7 days ago


Airbnb Might Change the Game, But Hotels Can Still Win

Travelers' rapid adoption of Airbnb has the hospitality sector worried, but smart hoteliers are learning how to fine tune their offerings.

1 week ago

Airbnb Buys Spanish Tours and Activities Startup Trip4Real

Airbnb certainly didn't acquire Trip4real for its user base, which is small, but the move highlights Airbnb's intent to enhance the experiences of guests by giving them opportunity to hook up with local guides especially as hosts get more corporate. In addition, Barcelona authorities have taken a tough stance against Airbnb and having local ties through acquisition could engender a degree of goodwill.

1 week ago

Airbnb Debuts TV Ad Campaign in New Orleans Ahead of City Council’s Vote Next Month

We hope New Orleans' restrictive track record with short-term rentals doesn't get in the way with next month's vote but there are still plenty of city residents bemoaned by Airbnb and other services and don't want them to gain more foothold.

1 week ago

Airbnb Vacation Rental Exec Says Instant Booking Going Mainstream

Once again it is consumer behavior that is driving change in online travel -- this time for vacation rental bookings and instantly confirmable online bookings. OK, Expedia's acquisition of HomeAway and Airbnb's goal to curb racism on its platform are also pushing things in the instantly bookable direction. When companies are sluggish in adapting to consumer trends, as HomeAway was to a certain extent in its standalone incarnation, they suffer.

2 weeks ago

New Skift Trends Report: The State of Alternative Accommodations 2016

The U.S. alternative accommodations market remains a one-horse race with Airbnb leading its rivals, but the brand's smart first-mover advantage has also turned it into the whipping boy for local tax authorities and hotel lobbies. This turbulent landscape leaves plenty of room for new consumer-facing brands but also opportunities across the broader alternative accommodations ecosystem.

2 weeks ago

Airbnb Reveals Policies and Products to Combat Its Racism Problem

It’s encouraging to see Airbnb tackle this issue head on and try to effect some real changes but we wonder if the company is taking enough steps to make a major difference.

3 weeks ago