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The story of travel in 2014 is one of evolutionary leaps and breaks from the past that people may have seen coming, but weren’t necessarily prepared for.

A missing plane reminded us that flight tracking was still years behind where it should be. Massive investments pointed to a shift in how we move from point Q to point B. The maturity of the online booking market in the U.S. meant big brands turned their gaze to China for growth. And continued political flare ups turned a go-to destination into one governed by a junta’s whims.

In gathering these 25 selections, Skift looked for stories that helped tell a bigger picture about what it’s like to travel now, stories that signified more to the travel experience that your random, misbehaving pot-bellied emotional support pig (which came in as #26). These stories not only provide a snapshot of what happened in 2014, they help point to where travel is headed in 2015.

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Photo Credit: Drone video of Notre Dame de la Garde statue in Marseille, France.