Turkey Gets a Much Needed Tourism Boost From Returning Russians

A return of Russians couldn't come sooner for Turkey, despite remaining tensions. At this point Turkey would welcome use about anyone to sit resorts and attractions.

Elon Musk Finds a Booster in Putin as Russia Funds Hyperloop Project

Elon Musk's global ambitions are finding a ready audience in Russia and potentially much of the rest of Europe.

Russians are Quick to Travel to Turkey Again After Apology

Russian travel companies welcomed the prospect of renewed travel to Turkey as another traditional destination, Egypt, has likewise felt a downturn while many Russians have turned to domestic travel in 2016.

Russia Lifts Ban on Tourism to Turkey After an Apology

Coming so soon after the terrorist bombing at the airport, renewed tourism ties between Russia and Turkey, which followed an apology from the latter, comes as welcome news in Ankara.

FlyDubai Crash in Russia Tied to Pilot Error

Extreme weather certainly contributed to the crash of the FlyDubai plane in southern Russia in March but the initial findings say pilot error was a contributing factor.

Morocco Looks to Russia, China and Low-Cost Carriers to Increase Tourism Numbers

To distinguish itself from its neighbors and revive lagging visitor numbers from Europe, Morocco is looking to attract more travelers from Russia and China with more convenient and affordable air routes.

FlyDubai Crash in Russia: What’s Known So Far About the Fatal Accident

Russian Airports Are Hurting From Halt on Turkey Flights

Russia's belligerence in the Ukraine and Middle East is causing big losses in its air industry.

Israel Says It’s Safe for Russian Tourists Amid Regional Turmoil

Two countries' tourism setbacks are other countries tourism gains, and with its sunny beaches and plenty of history Israel certainly stands to gain a lot of Russian tourists if it can manage its message the right way.

Russia Halts Visa-Free Travel With Turkey

The only thing the downing of the plane accomplished was ruining Turkey's tourist season.