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Is Trust Enough in The Sharing Economy?

By tackling the issue of trust, not only will companies in the sharing economy be able to raise standards, they might also be able to keep regulators off their backs.

3 days ago

Uber Wants to Negotiate After Judge Rejects Settlement With Calif. Drivers

Now that Uber's low-ball offer to settle with its California drivers has been tossed out, the ride-sharing giant will try to avoid going to court once again.

2 weeks ago

Uber Loses Early Battle to Lyft Over Fake Ride Dirty Trick Claims

Arbitration requirements by tech upstarts are an insult to their users — both drivers and passengers alike.

4 weeks ago

Google Challenging Uber With New Waze-Powered Ride-Share Service

Google-owned Waze is a compelling navigation app, but whether Google can turn it into the foundation for a winning ride-share service will have to be tested in the marketplace over the next few months and years. Google is a latecomer to the field, although the sector is likely to undergo more disruption and a revolution in years to come.

1 month ago

The IRS Makes It Easier to Pay Taxes on Uber and Airbnb Income

This is a clear sign that the sharing economy isn’t in its infancy anymore.

1 month ago

Uber Tells Investors It Won’t Get in Any Lyft Bidding War

Lyft is only now becoming a real threat to Uber. It seems premature to seek an exit.

1 month ago

Uber’s Self-Driving Cars to Start Transporting Passengers in Pittsburgh

Self-driving cars -- with passengers. Uber will start to test them and also announced it has acquired technology startup Otto, which focuses on self-driving trucks. Uber's vision is obviously multi-modal.

1 month ago

Advent of Self-Driving Cars Shifts Technology Focus From Detroit to Silicon Valley

Legions of techies developing algorithms for self-driving cars are based in Silicon Valley and Detroit automakers are doing deals to tap into that talent. Meanwhile, Michigan is trying to develop a startup/tech culture of its own and isn't ceding anything to Google and Uber.

1 month ago

Uber and Lyft Work With Cities to Replace Public Buses

Uber and Lyft could be part of urban innovation plans to streamline public transit but increased traffic and fumes could be a roadblock in some cases.

2 months ago

Uber Gets Court Win in Economically Depressed Puerto Rico

Thousands of drivers have registered for Uber in economically distressed Puerto Rico. The judge's ruling, which states that the ride-sharing company should be treated in Puerto Rico like it is in 33 states and 70 U.S. cities, and not like traditional taxis gives Uber room to grow on the tourism-dependent island.

2 months ago

China Mergers Mean Ride-Sharing and Travel Discounting May Dwindle

A wave of consolidation in China, with Didi Chuxing acquiring Uber's China operations, and Ctrip taking control of rivals Qunar and eLong, means that the era of insane levels of discounting is coming to a close.

2 months ago

Driver Unionization at Uber and Lyft Escapes a Court Challenge

It isn't often that you see an organization such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce come to the defense of ride-sharing companies that compete with more established car-rental and taxi interests out of concern about unionization efforts at these sharing-economy companies. Lyft and Uber are finding friends in all kinds of crazy places.

2 months ago