Facebook’s New Ad Preferences Help Brands Identify Most-Interested Travelers

It couldn't be more clear that Facebook wants its users to see the highest quality and most relevant content possible and its latest ad preferences update could have big implications for travel brands that both serve compelling and uninspiring ads to consumers. Meanwhile, Expedia and Priceline are seeing a lot of success with Facebook and are both upping their spend.

Travel Bots on Messaging Platforms Are the Trend Now

Though bots still aren't completely frictionless and can't think like a human (yet), they certainly offer a way for consumers to have a conversation with a brand during the booking process that wasn't possible before. And it is potentially a very cheap channel for the brands.

Expedia CEO Says Facebook Will Emerge as an Online Travel Booking Threat

E-commerce isn't easy, but neither is building up a large audience to sell to. Facebook has a wealth of the latter, so even if it doesn't do a great job selling to its audience, it can still sell a ton of travel. On the other hand, many travel brands launched booking engines on Facebook several years ago and abandoned them for lack of use.

Marriott and Trivago Sign on to New Ad Product for Facebook and Instagram

Travel brands have been chomping at the bit for a "book now" button in Instagram. With this new ad product, they're one step closer to finding out a real ROI from the Instagram strategies.

The Future of Facebook Is Messenger Bots and Virtual Reality

Earlier this year Zuckerberg promoted the tourism benefits of virtual reality, and we're just at the start of bot, artificial intelligence, and better travel booking.

Facebook’s 360-Degree Travel Videos Offer Destinations a New Path to Marketing

360-degree and virtual reality videos let travelers decide what they want to see and how they want to see it. Travel brands just need to ensure that they're really selling themselves and portraying one-of-a-kind experiences, which most of these videos seem to do.

Turkey Home’s “Local” Approach to Distributing Video Across Platforms

How Turkey Home leveraged media partnerships and social distribution to create videos that hit home across multiple platforms.

How Smart Travel Brands Understand Facebook Videos

Facebook's utility and reach has been a boon for both users and brands, and travel content is among the most popular verticals in the ecosystem.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg on the Virtues of Virtual Reality Tourism

If nothing else, virtual reality is the tourism brochure of the future.

New Skift Trends Report: How to Harness the Facebook Ecosystem in 2016

In a world of fly-by-night apps and social media bubbles, Facebook has matured as one of the more important communications platforms.