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Chefs+Tech: Food Delivery, Facebook Style

On-Facebook booking hasn't worked any wonders for travel brands, so we'll see if the big differences in behavior between travel shoppers and food delivery users will make a difference.

17 hours ago

TSA’s Facebook Messenger Service Is Much Better Than You’d Expect

The AskTSA team did a surprisingly good job answering our queries on Facebook Messenger. But if you're expecting prompt responses on your way to the airport, you may not hear back in time.

2 weeks ago

Travel Brands’ Social Media Advertising Matures — Digital Marketing News This Week

Social media players like Facebook and Snapchat have had lots of of success capturing bigger shares of travel marketers' advertising budgets. But if they really want to earn the big money traditionally saved for TV campaigns, they'll need to evolve beyond the "social" label.

3 weeks ago

Facebook Doesn’t Want to Be Middleman Between Travel Brands And Consumers

Right now travelers are turning to social networks like Facebook to see their friends' trip photos and get their recommendations more than they're demanding hotel and flight booking ability through its mobile app. But will Facebook become a bigger middleman in the future than it already is? We have our money on yes.

4 weeks ago

Facebook Has a New Ad Product Tailor-Made for Travel Brands

Facebook wants to become a stronger player for driving trip inspiration and travel bookings, particularly direct bookings.

1 month ago

Travel Brands Are Spending More to Advertise on Social Media

Travelers should settle in to see lot more advertising from travel brands on social media than they probably already do. That's not necessarily a bad thing provided the ads aren't stoic and connect with content marketing plans both on and off social.

2 months ago

Travel Brands Play It Safe on Social With Popular Attractions, Not Local Experiences

Many travel brands argue that they're all about helping travelers explore destinations from new angles that get them into local lives and surrounded by local communities. Traveler behavior definitely reflects this to some extent in cities throughout the world, but many brands' social media channels don't echo these scenes and instead push safer shots of familiar destinations.

2 months ago

Facebook’s New Ad Preferences Help Brands Identify Most-Interested Travelers

It couldn't be more clear that Facebook wants its users to see the highest quality and most relevant content possible and its latest ad preferences update could have big implications for travel brands that both serve compelling and uninspiring ads to consumers. Meanwhile, Expedia and Priceline are seeing a lot of success with Facebook and are both upping their spend.

3 months ago

Travel Bots on Messaging Platforms Are the Trend Now

Though bots still aren't completely frictionless and can't think like a human (yet), they certainly offer a way for consumers to have a conversation with a brand during the booking process that wasn't possible before. And it is potentially a very cheap channel for the brands.

5 months ago

Expedia CEO Says Facebook Will Emerge as an Online Travel Booking Threat

E-commerce isn't easy, but neither is building up a large audience to sell to. Facebook has a wealth of the latter, so even if it doesn't do a great job selling to its audience, it can still sell a ton of travel. On the other hand, many travel brands launched booking engines on Facebook several years ago and abandoned them for lack of use.

5 months ago

Marriott and Trivago Sign on to New Ad Product for Facebook and Instagram

Travel brands have been chomping at the bit for a "book now" button in Instagram. With this new ad product, they're one step closer to finding out a real ROI from the Instagram strategies.

6 months ago

The Future of Facebook Is Messenger Bots and Virtual Reality

Earlier this year Zuckerberg promoted the tourism benefits of virtual reality, and we're just at the start of bot, artificial intelligence, and better travel booking.

7 months ago