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New Skift Trends Report: Snapchat and Instagram Strategies for Travel Brands

Visual content creation, curation and distribution presents challenges and opportunities. The best way to deal with the challenges is a consistent, head-on approach to ensure a brand culture that embraces the ins-and-outs of social media engagement and community building.

5 hours ago

Travel Brands’ Social Media Advertising Matures — Digital Marketing News This Week

Social media players like Facebook and Snapchat have had lots of of success capturing bigger shares of travel marketers' advertising budgets. But if they really want to earn the big money traditionally saved for TV campaigns, they'll need to evolve beyond the "social" label.

3 weeks ago

Luxury Hotels Are Missing an Opportunity With User-Generated Content

User-generated content is low on cost, and high on returns on engagement, but it's not always being utilized by hotel brands to its greatest advantage says a new report from consultancy firm L2. But is having a lot of UGC necessarily a good thing, or are there better ways for hotels to use them to their advantage?

1 month ago

Travel Brands Play It Safe on Social With Popular Attractions, Not Local Experiences

Many travel brands argue that they're all about helping travelers explore destinations from new angles that get them into local lives and surrounded by local communities. Traveler behavior definitely reflects this to some extent in cities throughout the world, but many brands' social media channels don't echo these scenes and instead push safer shots of familiar destinations.

2 months ago

Expedia’s Acquisition of Travel App Trover Is a Family Affair

Expedia apparently bailed out Trover, a photography app that created an attractive user experience but ran into a stone wall in the form of Instagram and Facebook, as well as user interest.

3 months ago


Watch This Free Webinar on Instagram Strategies for Travel Brands [Video]

With millions of photos shared by millions of users every day, Instagram has become one of the most effective marketing platforms for travel brands. Watch this free webinar recording to learn the winning strategies for Instagram and best practice case studies from across travel sectors.

4 months ago


Free Webinar: From Discovery to Action: Instagram Strategies for Travel Brands

Instagram has become one of the most effective marketing platforms for brands to connect with travelers. Join us on Wednesday June 15, 2016 at 2pm EDT for a free webinar hosted by Curalate to learn the winning strategies for the platform and best practice case studies from across travel sectors.

5 months ago

Starwood’s New Instagram Video Ad Brings Waikiki to Your Smartphone

At a time when a lot of brands are looking into virtual reality and 360-degree video to immerse consumers in a destination, this campaign proves that incredible visuals and a killer sense of perspective go a long way toward building brand awareness, and making consumers feel like they're right there with you.

6 months ago

Marriott and Trivago Sign on to New Ad Product for Facebook and Instagram

Travel brands have been chomping at the bit for a "book now" button in Instagram. With this new ad product, they're one step closer to finding out a real ROI from the Instagram strategies.

6 months ago

Hotels Use Instagram Communities to Curate Travel Guides for Guests

Should publishers of traditional travel guidebooks be concerned? Possibly, if this trend continues to evolve. Especially so, if Instagram becomes a more visually appealing replacement for sites like Yelp or TripAdvisor.

6 months ago

Starwood Uses Instagram Fashion Influencers to Drive Bookings for Its Newest Tribute Portfolio Hotels in Paris

More travel and hospitality brands are trying to find novel ways to monetize Instagram and although the platform has evolved to try to accommodate more of marketers' needs, its abilities as a hotel booking channel remain somewhat limited. Still, Starwood's Tribute Portfolio is betting that user-generated content from influential fashion stars on Instagram can help them boost bookings at two of their Parisian properties.

7 months ago

Snoop Dogg Instagram Typo Is Good News for Romanian Town’s Tourism

Kudos to the enterprising soul who pivoted off Snoop Dogg's spelling mistake and created a funny, self-aware social media presence. But if the village really wants to build tourism, some kind of lodging option might be helpful.

7 months ago