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For Web Redesign, EasyJet Looks To E-Commerce Firms for Inspiration

Given how crummy some airline websites are, it makes sense EasyJet is not looking to competitors for digital inspiration.

3 months ago

Pro-ISIS Messages Appear on Hacked Malaysia Airlines Website

Malaysia Airlines has so much more to worry about than stunts like this, especially since they distract from the airlines' post-disaster(s) rebuilding process.

2 years ago

Joie de Vivre Hotels Prioritizes Discovery and Bookings on New Homepage

Travel companies have taken myriad paths toward balancing travel inspiration and bookings. Will too much inspiration detract from the business of transactions? Joie de Vivre Hotels' website redesign is an experiment in finding a proper equilibrium.

2 years ago

Virgin America Quietly Unveils New Website and Back Pocket-Sized Boarding Pass

In its website redesign, Virgin America is going for simplicity and responsive design regardless whether a traveler is on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. The idea is to ease the pain of booking by making it visual and easy.

2 years ago

The Multi-Country Sites Strategy For Online Travel Brands: A Deep Dive

When launching a new country site, companies have to consider the signals they are sending at the local level versus resource allocation.

3 years ago