Visit Anaheim Uses Consumer Marketing Strategies To Sway Business Stakeholders

It is surprising that more tourism bureaus don't leverage the power of video to illustrate their economic impact.

8 Charts That Show the State of Mobile Video Around the World

There are still so many possibilities for mobile videos and brands have only scratched the surface. This research shows where brands should focus their efforts as consumers increasingly turn to mobile devices for information and entertainment.

Airbnb Uses How-To Videos to Connect With Asia-Pacific Travelers and Hosts

How-to videos inform and build brand awareness. If executed well, viewers will be moved to share them, which adds value by generating earned media.

Visit Holland Experiments With New Video Marketing Series

Travel brands across sectors are examining their role in the industry and recreating themselves as lifestyle brands that push more artistic, creative content that engages locals and foreigners outside of the decision-making cycle.

Frozen Beauty: The Gorgeous Winter Drone Video Over Lofoten, Norway

Some serious talent at work here.

The 12 Best Travel Drone Videos of 2014

We hope that drones will help reinvigorate travel videos and films and help them break away from their tired formats.

5 Travel Brands Winning on Social Media for the Week Ending November 9, 2014

As they say, timing is everything.

Ace Hotel’s President Talks About the Business of Boutique

Ace Hotel remains a true boutique brand in a time when every major corporation is trying to recreate the pull of their brand name, unique guest experience, and community integration.

Air New Zealand Taps Hobbit Celebrities for New Safety Video

Air New Zealand found marketing gold when it decided to align itself with the Hobbit series and returning to the theme was a safe but smart choice after the national carrier received unexpectedly negative feedback for putting bathing suit models in a safety video.

Lexington Turns Locals as Brand Ambassadors With Comical Campaign

VisitLex is turning locals into brand ambassadors in hopes that their friends and families will see their good times and soon plan a trip to the city. Its success should serve as a role model to other mid-tier cities throughout the U.S.