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Bangkok Overtakes London as Most Visited International Destination in 2016

The Asia-Pacific region is continues to grow as a powerhouse of international travel destinations. But the global cities enjoying the most spending from international travelers remain the usual suspects.

1 month ago

Food Tourism Could Bring $7.5 Billion to Peru in 2016

Machu Picchu is magnificent but tons of tourists are going to Peru to eat.

3 months ago

The Flourishing Gastro-Tourism Trail of Lima, Peru

Turning a destination into a spot on the world's gourmet map is one of the easier ways to attract visitors, but destinations need to know how to stay out of the way and provide an atmosphere that's good for culinary creativity.

2 years ago

Searching for the Solution to Tourism Overcrowding in Top Destinations

Overcrowding is one of the biggest issues plaguing destinations. Here I outline a smart new way to allow free-market forces to not only limit overcrowding, but spread out the visitors and help fill the off-peak dates.

2 years ago

Cuzco Protestors Push for Job-Creating Projects Including International Airport

It is feared that the infrastructure projects will overcrowd or taint the historic and popular tourist region. But the protests reflect the reality of many locals whose livelihoods depend on such projects, whatever their cost.

3 years ago

Leaders of Peru and Brazil Want to Work Together to Boost Tourism

The majority of tourists in Latin America are currently concentrated in specific destinations. Improving ease of travel throughout the region will be a boon for all economies.

3 years ago

Peru Makes the Best of Shrinking Glacier by Launching Climate Change Tours

Destinations around the world are feeling the impact of warmer temperatures and changing physical landscapes mean local businesses have to move to stay alive, or get very creative.

3 years ago

Peru Officials Hope to Save Machu Picchu by Luring Tourists to Nearby Site

News of the tramway will be a tragedy to any traveler that's hiked for 12 hours to the isolated ruins, but it is a necessary evil to offset the steady destruction of Machu Picchu caused by a daily onslaught of 2,500 visitors.

3 years ago

Best Travel Ads This Week: The Colorful Spontaneous Side of Travel

3 years ago

Best travel videos this week: Making viewers care from Peru to Malaysia

3 years ago

Peruvian developers accused of destroying 4,000 year-old pyramids

Although tourism traffic inflicts a significant amount of wear and tear on historic ruins, there's a clear long-term incentive for most people not to destroy the artifacts on display.

3 years ago

Hotel design literally frames the Pacific Ocean along the Peruvian coast

The most remarkable hotel designs are often never built, but their creation is integral to the development of realistic hotel design, even if aspects of each unique idea can only be implemented one at a time.

3 years ago