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Media and PR

Kayak struts its mobile stuff with first earnings reports since IPO

Kayak doesn't have to disclose mobile revenue and wouldn't unless it paints an upbeat picture, which it does.


Holland America Line uses Facebook sweepstakes to accumulate new followers

The cruise line's strategic use of social media ensures that the brand will continue to pop up on their new fans' newsfeed, and possibly even tempt them to book the cruise they didn’t win for free.

Media and PR

Facebook is looking to friend a “skilled storyteller” to head travel vertical

It's no surprise that Facebook would intensify its efforts to wrangle marketing dollars from the travel vertical. There are no clues about whether Facebook will merely continue to merely host others' travel apps and take advantage of its audience, or whether travel e-commerce on its own is in the game plan.


Infographic: Facebook users share travel stories more than any other life event

This is just the type of data that motivates social travel startups to keep working on their project, but travelers have already found a space to broadcast their latest adventures and it has 800 million users.

Media and PR

Facebook tests new feature that turns online photos into real-world postcards

Mail a Postcard is featured by Sincerely, whose makers offer a similar service on Instagram. But Facebook is more likely to earn profit from the feature with a greater selection of photos and users.

Media and PR

Video: Swiss museum crowdsources new exhibition from Facebook fans

This is a creative use of social media that could potentially inspire participants to travel to Switzerland, although the video of the museum may do more to turn away donors than attract them.


Carnival introduces new 40-minute time limit for holding lounge chairs

Either Carnival views chair hogging as a serious cruise faux pas irritating their customers, or they’ve created a clever way to build a buzz about their newest ship, Carnival Breeze, where the program will be tested.

Media and PR

TripAdvisor’s friendship with Facebook hits its bottom line this quarter

Stephen Kaufer isn't going to be the most popular guy on Wall Street, but TripAdvisor's attempt to crunch user data and pour money into Facebook marketing to get better conversions for advertising partners, looks like a sage move. If analysts, looking for immediate results, don't like it, they can always write a review.

Media and PR stumbles as it launches deal-centric Facebook app

It's fantastic that is being transparent about what's a deal and what isn't, but this is a bug rather than a feature.

Online Travel

Social travel startups eat your heart out: “Facebook bragging” boosts Aussie tourism

Hence our general skepticism of specialized social travel startups.