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It's no surprise that Facebook would intensify its efforts to wrangle marketing dollars from the travel vertical. There are no clues about whether Facebook will merely continue to merely host others' travel apps and take advantage of its audience, or whether travel e-commerce on its own is in the game plan.

Do you like telling travel stories with a marketing punchline?

Then a large social travel site may be looking to hire you.

Yes, Facebook is seeking to hire a “head of travel” to “manage Facebook monetization of the Travel vertical.” You can read the job ad here.

Marketing decisions: Google or Facebook?

If you are a travel business, what this means is that Facebook will be seeking to ensure that your marketing budget starts tilting toward Facebook and away from Google as the social network — Facebook, that is — refines its ad strategy, which has come in for some hard knocks of late.

For the position at Menlo Park, California, headquarters, Facebook wants to attract a marketing professional who has “extensive management experience, strong analytical skills, exceptional presentation and public speaking experience, and global marketing experience in multi-line businesses.”

But, if you think this position is all about Facebook’s ad business, there may be some opportunities to get involved in and wield some influence over the product side of things as the head of travel would need to “consult with Product Marketing to help shape product development in support of vertical needs.”

There are products and then there are products

Whether “products” mean merely new advertising and marketing products or Facebook’s transitioning into selling airline tickets and room reservations remains to be seen.

At any rate, the new-hire would be required to be a “skilled storyteller with experience communicating the benefit of marketing opportunities to brands.”

The employment ad doesn’t say anything about salary or stock options, but it probably won’t be a minimum-wage position considering you’d be responsible for managing the vertical’s P&L.

If you want to share news about the head of travel position on your Facebook timeline, then just go for it.

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