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Airbnb Co-Founder Talks Design, Trust, and New Community Models

On several fronts, it's obvious that Airbnb is working hard to diversify and expand its products. And Samara, an Airbnb design studio, which is headed by co-founder and chief product officer Joe Gebbia, is the latest manifestation of that.

2 months ago

How Smart Airport Design Can Make Spaces More Secure

Smarter airport security in the U.S. is a challenge because of all the competing interests that want to make passengers safe, but also want the other guy to foot the bill.

4 months ago

Hawaiian Airlines Hires Design Firms to Restyle Uniforms

When it comes to uniforms there's nothing wrong with a refresh every few years as long as the designers know what they are doing and take the views of employees into account.

4 months ago


What Design-Centric Travelers Want in Hotels and Destinations

While casual travelers rely on Google search results and TripAdvisor reviews to inform their booking decisions, the growing sect of design-centric travelers are seeking out hotels and experiences as diverse and multidimensional as they are.

7 months ago

Hotels Tried To Eliminate the Traditional In-Room Desk But Created a Backlash

Marriott and Holiday Inn Express are also looking to optimize space in guest rooms and appeal to changing traveler habits. The shift away from traditional desks got a failing grade from lots of customers.

10 months ago

Trump Hotels’ Ivanka Trump on Obsessing Over Details at Skift Forum

The relationship between development and operating a hotel is key.

1 year ago

New York Hotels Go Local With Fashion Week Events

Fashion designers aren't the only ones showcasing their designs and translating their brand's vision to the public during New York Fashion Week; hotels, too, are participating in the week's events, partnering with designers whose message is a reflection of their own brand message and finding a way to give back to the artistic community.

1 year ago

Tokyo’s Best Looking Hotel Has an Appointment With a Wrecking Ball

It would be easy to blame the Olympics (let's do that no matter what), but it's mainly the fault of people who can't think creatively within minor restraints in order to create something better.

1 year ago

Skift Global Forum 2015: Lippincott CEO on Better Experience Design Through Science

The day when intelligent or invisible design is no longer either of those things, rather simply just commonplace design, is slowly getting closer, and Wise's talk will explain what travel brands should do to reach that point.

1 year ago

Salt Lake City Airport Facing Challenges Over New Smoking Rooms

From booze to pets to chapels to playgrounds, airports make concessions for all sorts of passenger behavior of varying levels of acceptability, and a reasonable one for smokers does not seem excessive.

1 year ago

Skift Podcast: How Modern Luggage Got Smarter and Better Looking

Our choice of the luggage and how we pack says a lot about us, and how we travel. Listen in to this fascinating discussion on the evolving nature of modern luggage.

1 year ago

The Essential Guide to the Weirdest Airline Seats Ever Conceived

We're still gonna keep looking at these oddities, because they're so darned amusing. Plus, we know you worry and we're here to help.

1 year ago