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Delta cuts trans-Atlantic routes as well as staff

The labor issues weren't a surprise, but Delta's decision to cut flights to Europe in favor of additional Caribbean capacity wasn't expected.


Is this Copenhagen stretch the perfect urban block?

Sometimes it appears that the Danish capital is taunting the rest of the world with its quality of life. And this is such a time.


Pilot of US Airways regional carrier likes to fly with loaded handgun

Another small hole in airport security: Regional airports are more open to screening irregularities despite feeding planes into major metro areas.


Darwin’s $300 a night hotels mean visitors are resorting to creative alternatives

With some of the most expensive rooms in Australia and a drastic difference in demand between high and low seasons, Darwin needs to look at more affordable and less permanent options for housing seasonal guests.


Canadian tourism will face more challenges attracting foreign travelers

Canada's inbound tourism has dropped by 15% over the past decade, and with a marketing budget that's almost half of what it was two years ago the country will struggle to get its message out through traditional marketing means.


The revolution isn’t over in Egypt’s Tahrir Square

This week's election may allow Egypt to enter into a new phase -- one where protesters may be able to finally walk away from the square where Mubarek's fall began.


Renter trash your place? Airbnb promises up to $1million to fix it

As the sharing for free and profit sector picks up speed, there will need to be normalization with insurance rules so that companies don't have to rely on gimmicky promises.


India’s northeast addresses rising tourism demand with master plan

Both international and in-country tourism is growing in and around Sikkim as visitors are drawn to the Himalayan state by cultural, religious, and eco-tourism.


Europe’s national carriers face incredible challenges

Low-cost rivals, emissions schemes, labor issues, and threats from Gulf carriers are enough to make observers look positively at the relatively rosy situation of U.S. counterparts.

Online Travel

Expedia’s China subsidiary expresses concern over equal access to search traffic

As China's online booking market matures, OTAs worry that search engines with related booking operations will pull a Google and begin preferring its own resellers over other competitive search results.


Greece’s tourism industry is having an even worse summer than the last one

While hotels are dropping their prices, what good is a bargain when visitors are worried about strikes, riots, and a change in currency mid-vacation?