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In the travel sector, Apple Passbook in iOS 6 isn’t just for airlines anymore as apartment-sharing site Airbnb joined the party.

Users of the Airbnb mobile app, starting October 3, were able to download Passbook, and then retrieve their Airbnb itineraries when in proximity of the rental.

Passbook is a much-hyped feature that’s part of iOS 6.

American Airlines, Lufthansa and United Airlines had previously integrated with Passbook so travelers would see their mobile boarding passes pop up when arriving at the airport. The iPhone and Passbook are smart about locations and providing accompanying services.

“Passbook helps guests organize and find their reservation as part of their travel itinerary,” says Airbnb spokesperson Emily Joffrion of the Airbnb integration.

From Aibnb app

Joffrion says guests tap on an Upcoming Reservations tab to integrate their Airbnb reservation with Passbook.

And, the Airbnb itinerary informs guests of their check-in and checkout dates, includes their confirmation code, and also provides contact information for the host.

It saves a lot of rummaging through paperwork if guests can just break out their iPhones and find all of their itinerary information sourced through Passbook.

Other integrations

In addition to the airlines and Airbnb, Passbook now has been tied into Eventbrite, Fandango Movies, Live Nation,, Sephora to Go, Starbucks, Target, Ticketmaster and Walgreens.

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