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Cruise lines protest new emissions standards designed to protect pristine places their ships visit

The government quietly passed an anti-pollution program requiring all large ships to cut their fuel's sulfur content from 2.7% to 1% by August 1. The cost is estimated as an additional $19 a day -- less than lines routinely pass on as "fuel surcharges."


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UK Home Office really hopes the high court can stop Olympics border guard strike

No one is actively hoping that things will go wrong in London, but starting tomorrow critics and fans alike will be watching closely to see if the transit, security, and logistical issues that have plagued the pre-games period will spill over and drown out the big event.


Companies are refusing to reimburse biz travelers for airline fees

Poor choice by corporate travel managers. An unhappy employee will likely cost a company much more than the $8.50 you didn't reimburse him for that sandwich on his last trip.


Toyota to start trying out this car share thing with a pilot program across Japan

Toyota already has the real estate and the inventory, so why not test out this car share thing and see where the road takes it?


Qatar is the new China: On a hotel buying spree worldwide

Qatar Airlines is making a splash with its expansion, and so are the country's hotel acquisitions around the world, especially in Europe.


India bans tourists from tiger reserves to protect them from development

Hundreds of tourists will have to rebook hotels today after India's highest court imposed a buffer zone around tiger reserves, a decision that is a win for conservationists and a loss for one sector of India's tourism industry.

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Leisure travelers wish list: convenient schedule, free bags and nonstop flights

As more airlines cut regional services or route flights through hubs, travelers' first and third most wished for items will continue to go unmet.


Can Norwegian Air pull off $300 RT fares between NYC-Olso?

Norway is the next Iceland? Norwegian is trying the Icelandair strategy on offering cheap RT fares, though no details on what taxes would be on top of it.

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Airbnb buys DailyBooth to get hold of its mobile apps expertise

Better mobile apps -- especially on smartphones -- combined with Airbnb's relatively new Instant Book product brings users and landlords much closer to the last-minute booking options mobile travelers needs.


Afghanistan’s Bamiyan site threatened again, this time by unchecked development

Bamiyan has gone through enough destruction, can the govt. step in to check the overenthusiastic development in the name of attracting tourists?