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Recent moves by MCR, JL Capital, Indian Hotels Company, and Generator show how developers pry their hotels into built-up destinations.

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Early Check-In

Editor’s Note: Skift Senior Hospitality Editor Sean O’Neill brings readers exclusive reporting and insights into hotel deals and development, and how those trends are making an impact across the travel industry.

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A flurry of recent stories highlighted how global brands plan to build thousands of hotels in China. But the sensational headlines have overshadowed a subtle but important trend elsewhere. Developers are finding ways to open hotels in already densely built travel destinations. It's the details that are interesting — meaning: which developers, how, and where. In the past two weeks, we've seen representative announcements in the following hotspots: Miami Beach, Florida.Oahu, Hawaii.Chennai, India.Times Square, New York. Zoning laws are often a hindrance when few greenfield sites exist. So hotel developers look for workarounds such as modernizing existing properties. In Miami Beach, The Freehand Hotel seeks an expansion to seven stories. It wants to grow fro