This video covers:

  • Why customer data will be at the center of travel recovery: Many travelers will need to “relearn” how to travel again, so sending the right messages to the right customers, supported by first party data, will be key.
  • Why brands need to take control of their first party data: Particularly with the death of the cookie, third-party data is no longer fully reliable.
  • How Amperity is helping travel brands leverage the right customer data: These insights will be more important than ever as brands need to be quick and proactive in their business decisions.
  • Details about Alaska Airlines’ brand proposition: How customer data helped the airline reprioritize its loyalty offerings and double down on its safety messaging over the last year, and how it will be used to engage travelers in the year ahead.

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, traveler loyalty was already undergoing a massive shift. Instead of strictly being about miles or points earned and redeemed, loyalty is now based on the more holistic measurements of customer engagement, the depth of the brand relationship, and the customer’s lifetime value.

The pandemic has fueled major changes in the travel loyalty space. In this Skift Loyalty and Subscription Summit video, we hear from Jeanne Jones, vice president of Community and Customer marketing at Amperity, and Elliott Pesut, director of marketing at Alaska Airlines, about why it’s more important than ever for travel brands to put their customer data at the center of everything they do to meet guests where they are.

To learn more about how Amperity and Alaska Airlines are thinking about loyalty and the importance of customer data as air travel comes back to life in a post-vaccine world, click here.