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Video: Points Guy and Airfarewatchdog Debate the State of Loyalty

When it comes to points Vs. price, the starting point is always who's the traveler and who's paying.

3 days ago


Webinar Video: Driving Loyalty Through Richer Personalization

Learn how travel marketers are driving loyalty through customer experience and personalization with this video recap of our recent webinar with Boxever!

4 days ago

Starwood and Marriott Add Reciprocal Benefits to Credit Cards as Loyalty Programs Draw Closer

Marriott and Starwood now allow members who use a co-branded credit card to earn bonus points when booking on the other carrier's hotels. It's a small perk, but it should be added incentive to booking within the network before wandering off to a third-party carrier.

5 days ago

4 Charts Showing How Travelers Want to Earn and Redeem Loyalty

More consumers have a credit card that lets them earn loyalty points with a travel brand but they want earning and redeeming to be more convenient for them, a shortcoming that some brands have tackled and one that's left others with catching up to do.

5 days ago

Frugal Travelers Turn to Business Class Fares to Earn Elite Status

Business class fares are becoming so reasonable that it often makes sense to book the tickets for the mileage bonuses. In many cases, elite status can be earned with one single flight.

1 week ago

Moving Hotel Loyalty Beyond Points — Digital Marketing News This Week

Even though Wyndham's attempted "coup" of Starwood members had to be called off, it's a reminder the hospitality industry needs to take a fresh look at the hotel loyalty experience. So far, most of the innovation seems to happening with non-traditional players like HotelTonight and Airbnb.

1 week ago

Delta Adds New Upgrade Perks for Some SkyMiles Members

Delta just opened up upgrades for some of its elite members traveling on award tickets. While a great perk for travelers, it also may be an indication of Delta's willingness to bury the hatchet with SkyMiles members.

1 week ago

Wyndham Fails to Make a Play for Starwood Loyalty Members

If Wyndham had succeeded in luring away SPG members who aren't necessarily elite or top-tier-level members, that would have been a big win for the company, whose portfolio skews more toward economy and midscale brands. But alas, this promotion was proof that even the best-laid plans may not always work--and it pays to pay more attention to how you set it all up.

2 weeks ago

Delta Brings Its New Loyalty Redemption Pricing to Virgin Atlantic

Delta's not-too-popular variable award pricing model is now being used to price out tickets on Virgin Atlantic. That may not bode well for the future of using SkyMiles within Delta's larger SkyTeam network.

2 weeks ago

Booking.com in Reversal as it Launches Loyalty Program for Business Travelers

There's no doubt that Booking.com already has the user base -- and can increase it -- to be successful in catering to unmanaged business travelers. Whether a loyalty program will turn out to be advantageous remains to be seen and can be adjusted as the situation merits. The real question is whether Booking.com, like Expedia's Egencia, will take the next step into managed travel by acquisition or otherwise.

2 weeks ago

American Express Is Trying to Improve Its Loyalty Program for Elites

The new wave of high-end cards with better loyalty benefits provide a counter of sorts to the radical changes that have happened to airline loyalty programs. If you can afford them, that is.

3 weeks ago

Airbnb Teams Up With Qantas for a Major Loyalty Play

Airbnb has made it clear it's not a hotel company in the traditional sense, but with its latest loyalty play, it appears to be taking its lead from hotel-airline partnerships. Which makes us wonder: Will it eventually launch its own loyalty program in the not-so-distant future? Are other airline partnerships in other global regions also in the works now that they've already formed deals in Australia and the U.S.?

3 weeks ago