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In an attempt to appeal to the broadest range of travelers possible, travel brands often highlight how their product, service, or destination can be molded by the person within it. These ads are a great example of how companies build branding while remaining accessible to the largest possible customer base.

Cape Town Tourism


This smart, well-produced ad from Cape Town Tourism features the events and activities available for people with every kind of interest. By focusing on weekends, the ad could be used to attract tourists as much as foster local travel and spend.

VISIT Holland


Food is a major driver of tourism today so it’s only logical for the Dutch tourism board to highlight its own specialities. Although none of the dishes are recognized, or delicious, enough to inspire a trip, it does give travelers an idea of what to look for and try while there.

Scandinavian Airlines


This cute ad from Scandinavian Airlines shows a woman traveling through several countries in a dream before awaking mid-flight. It captures the inspirational side of travel while also suggesting the comfort aboard an SAS flight.



AirBaltic shows off the Riga, capital of Latvia where it is headquartered, in a recent commercial that chronicles a trip to the city through a young couples’ eyes. This is a creative way to show travelers, most of whom can’t imagine what Riga is like, the attractions, restaurants, and experiences available in the city.

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Photo Credit: Cape Town Tourism shows off the different parts of its city for every type of tourist. Cape Town Tourism / YouTube