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Geolocation is everything to travel now. From the smartphone in your hand to recommendations based on location coming to you on your desktop, information is tied to real-world locations now in ways that have revolutionized travel.

Today is the launch of the next report in our twice-monthly Global Trends Report series that focuses on global trends across various sectors of travel.

The first March report in the series is “The Rise of Location Data in Travel.” Location data is a the engine that powers many of the digital recommendations travelers use to plan their trips, choose accommodations and select local businesses. Are destination marketers, tourism boards and hospitality industry doing enough to take advantage?

The opportunity to use location data is particularly compelling for tourism organizations, which have traditionally served as an intermediary between travelers and local businesses. As more travelers use location tools to research and make itinerary choices, cutting out this intermediary, destination marketers must adjust their approach, experimenting with new ways to add value for travelers.

This report investigates tactics destination marketers are testing to use the wealth of location data in new ways attract, assist and understand their target customers. The techniques range from new tools to feature and promote local businesses, new opportunities to use location-tagged content to understand traveler behavior, marketing campaigns using location-aware social media sites, and new ways to use features of the ever-popular Google Maps interface.

The first five pages of the 30-page report, including Table of Contents, are embedded below:

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