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TripAdvisor Buys Citymaps to Deepen Location-Based Activities Marketing

TripAdvisor wants to be the go-to place for consumers to find in-destination activities on their smartphones. Citymaps will not only help consumers with map-based attractions' searches but will bolster TripAdvisor's abilities to perform location-based marketing. Expect more of those TripAdvisor notifications when you amble by an interesting tourist spot.

2 months ago

Visit Faroe Islands Creates ‘Sheep View’ Because Google Street View is a No-Show

Visit Faroe Islands sees its lack of Google Street View as a hindrance to tourism, so the tourism bureau is making its own "Sheep View." Even if the technology doesn't work perfectly, the project itself is getting attention and might boost tourism anyway.

3 months ago

What It’s Like to Go Offline With Google Maps

Google Maps still provides a basic value when travelers aren't connected to the internet if they download city maps before they arrive and use GPS-based navigation.

9 months ago

Nokia Near Finalizing Sale of Mapping Technology to German Automakers

The race for HERE slowed when Uber began poaching Google Maps veterans and an entire team from Bing Maps.

11 months ago

Manny Pacquiao Sings Praises of Google Street View for Philippines Tourism

Every country needs a tourism ambassador like Manny Pacquiao who just won't stop talking about how great the destination is, no matter the context.

1 year ago

Nokia Sells Mapping Unit to German Carmakers for $3.1 Billion

Uber will get the maps it needs from Microsoft, and the automakers will get a backbone for autonomous cars. Get ready for transportation to change radically in next to no time at all.

1 year ago

German Carmakers Likely Winners in Battle for Nokia’s Here Maps

We're doubtful that a group of car manufacturers buying the mapping unit in order to better play defense will make as much of it as a tech company pursuing it for a more aggressive offense.

1 year ago

Nokia Developing Global E-Ticket Standards for Transit Organizations

With innovations like this, we hope that Nokia stays independent of takeovers from Uber or auto manufacturers.

1 year ago

Everybody Wants to Own Nokia’s Mapping Technology

The future of discovery is entirely mobile, and right now Google is the undisputed champion.

1 year ago

Google Expands Its Waze Maps to Carpooling Tool in Tel Aviv

The app knows everything about you already. Might as well use it to get better rides, too.

1 year ago

Future of Local Discovery is in the Car’s Dashboard

Connected cars with navigation systems to select the best routes and travel apps to pick nearby hotels and restaurants are already here. The auto manufacturers want to fend off Google and Apple as connected cars become the next frontier of disruption.

1 year ago

Uber Buys Part of Bing Mapping Technology and Team

Bing also uses Nokia's Here data, so Uber's pursuit of Nokia's business may not be over after all.

1 year ago