Travel Management Firms Struggle to Find a Voice on Social Media

What happens when your social media operations have to transcend the traditional silos of B2B and B2C? Travel management companies are figuring it out in a very public forum.

Travel Brands’ Influencer Campaigns Still Hide Too Much Says the FTC

There are many travel brands that are seemingly in violation of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission's new native ad guidelines on how to disclose when social media influencers were paid. Consumers appreciate brands more when they're transparent and develop deeper connections with influencers when they know what they truly support and enjoy when they're not being paid.

Facebook’s New Ad Preferences Help Brands Identify Most-Interested Travelers

It couldn't be more clear that Facebook wants its users to see the highest quality and most relevant content possible and its latest ad preferences update could have big implications for travel brands that both serve compelling and uninspiring ads to consumers. Meanwhile, Expedia and Priceline are seeing a lot of success with Facebook and are both upping their spend.

Convergence of Fashion and Travel Leads to Rise of Micro-Influencers on Instagram

Larger influencers are still important to channeling a brand's messaging and casting a wide net, though localized micro-influencers with more niche followings often do better jobs at inspiring conversations among communities that travelers can more easily identify with.

Starwood’s Loyalty Program Is Experimenting on Snapchat

We've said before that not enough travel brands are taking full advantage of this increasingly popular social media channel. So, kudos to Starwood's SPG loyalty program for delving into it even further than it already has, even if SPG will most likely be rolled into Marriott Rewards in just a few years' time.

Starwood Uses Instagram Fashion Influencers to Drive Bookings for Its Newest Tribute Portfolio Hotels in Paris

More travel and hospitality brands are trying to find novel ways to monetize Instagram and although the platform has evolved to try to accommodate more of marketers' needs, its abilities as a hotel booking channel remain somewhat limited. Still, Starwood's Tribute Portfolio is betting that user-generated content from influential fashion stars on Instagram can help them boost bookings at two of their Parisian properties.

These Are the Most-Talked-About Hotel Brands Online and Offline

Smart hotel brands are upping their content marketing game on social media channels to generate more conversations online and off.

How Earned Content Is Transforming the Travel Industry

Earned content, or user-generated content is a new key player for travel marketers. Download Olapic's free strategy guide, "How Earned Content is Transforming the Travel Industry”, to learn more about this rising marketing trend.

Turkey Home’s “Local” Approach to Distributing Video Across Platforms

How Turkey Home leveraged media partnerships and social distribution to create videos that hit home across multiple platforms.

Social Media Says Travelers’ Paris Fears Have Quickly Declined

When disaster strikes, tourism for an entire region can sometimes be impacted--the Ebola outbreak did just that in 2014 when the entire African continent suffered from fewer international arrivals. Luckily that didn't happen in Europe after the Paris attacks with travelers by and large only perceiving that city as unsafe. Their fears have since subsided and Parisian tourism continues on a path back to normalization.