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U.S. Trump-Branded Hotels’ Foot Traffic Fell in September Says Foursquare

The Trump brand has definitely felt some kind of impact from Donald Trump's presidential campaign. What's unclear is how mild or severe that impact has been for foot traffic and guest stays as recent foot traffic is up for some properties compared to foot traffic before the campaign began, according to Foursquare data.

5 days ago

Tourists Vs. Locals in New York City: Who Goes Where

New York City tourism trends are a mirror to what's happening in most other major cities. Foursquare data show that tourists and locals still stick to predictable paths, with tourists gravitating to top attractions around Midtown and Lower Manhattan. Every city is different and tourism has increased to outer boroughs but those probably still aren't top of mind for many travelers.

1 month ago

Breaking Out of the Recommendation Bubble in the Age of Digital Discovery

Platforms for discovery of food and experiences can be a double-edged sword, and play us back more of the same.

2 months ago

Foot Traffic at U.S. Trump-Branded Properties Drops Dramatically Says Foursquare

Mixing politics and business is rarely a great idea and it is becoming clear that the Trump brand is taking a hit across the U.S., in both Democrat and Republican-leaning areas, from Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

3 months ago

Universal Theme Parks Have the Magic Formula for Millennials Says Foursquare

Universal parent company Comcast has been pouring money into its theme parks, and this data from Foursquare is another sign that the investment is paying off.

3 months ago

Skift Podcast: The Past and Future of Local Discovery

No one company has cracked local discovery the way people have long hoped some company would. But as mobile devices become more knowledgable about what we see and do, services like Foursquare and its rivals could become much more interesting.

8 months ago

Foursquare Is Getting Into the Social Trip Planning Business

The travel startup scene is littered with the corpses of social trip-planning services. But Foursquare's check-ins are a gold mine of data, and it's smart enough that it knows this is a nice-to-have feature, not a business in itself.

9 months ago

Foursquare CEO and Founder Steps Down as App Tries to Grow

Crowley has had the focus and dedication to the product that has allowed it to survive much longer than most other hyped products could dream of, but new blood and a new perspective should help it refocus on what Foursquare has become.

9 months ago

New Foursquare Release Is Company’s Grasp at Mastering Local Discovery

This is the first version of Foursquare we can see ourselves using. The personalization features make it easier to discover places that are likely right for you.

2 years ago

Foursquare Releases New Logo Before Splitting Its Product in Half

Foursquare's making a big bet that users will check-in to the new experience, but it needed a big change to move forward.

2 years ago

Foursquare Plans to Charge Businesses for Its Location Data

This was the only logical next step for Foursquare, which has a wealth of clean, user-verified data and the need to enact a business model as quickly as possible.

2 years ago

How the New Foursquare Check-in App Swarm Works

Foursquare needs to bring its biggest fans along to Swarm, but it will be hard to do so if the users feel like they are being abandoned by the brand.

2 years ago