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Editor’s Note: Late last year we started a once-a-quarter feature on top trafficked sites in various sectors in travel, using monthly data from SimilarWeb. We have found SimilarWeb’s traffic stats to be a relatively good barometer of web activity and much more accurate than other traffic comparison sites — at least as far as proportional comparison goes.

We’re starting 2014 by looking at the top online booking sites in travel. Keep in mind this does not account for direct sites of travel brands (airlines/hotels) themselves, which we have done in separate lists previously. Also, our threshold is roughly 5 million visits per month, and does not count any app activity, hence sites like HotelsCombined, Hipmunk and others don’t show up.

Some observations on the list below:

  • Compared to our first look for October data last year, we’re now grouping country sites of same brand together, to get a better sense of the scale.
  • is still the king in travel, by a large margin over Expedia and TripAdvisor.
  • Adding up’s sister sites, Agoda, and Kayak, the Priceline family is the Sinaloa cartel of travel — to use a timely phrase.
  • is still bigger than on a standalone basis, but Expedia’s family of sites, including and brings it neck and neck with the TripAdvisor family of sites.
  •, the Brazilian hotel booking site, continues to be among the top sites in travel, though we understand a lot of that is traffic it is buying from various sources.
  • Orbitz and Travelocity are not among the top ten booking sites in travel anymore, and will likely to have tough road going ahead.
  • is among the top ten, but we understand a lot of its traffic is marketing-spend dependent.
  • Indian sites MakeMyTrip, Yatra, and Cleartrip continue to impress, and clearly show the long term potential of Indian sites.
  • Airbnb is now among the top 15 travel booking sites on the planet, a huge feat for a company that created a whole new market.
  • and, part of the HomeAway family, are the largest alternative accommodation sites on the planet.
  • Skyscanner’s network is among the top 20, but still has a long way to go if it wants to get up to the next run of top ten.
  • ThomasCook and (part of TUI) are among the only traditional travel agencies showing up in the ranks — both of them are European strong.
  • The big omission is Trivago, which has lots of country sites, each with lower than 5 million threshold we’re using for rankings. Hence their overall absence from this list.
  • Any other insights based on this data below? Any other big names we’re missing? Post in comments below.
RankSiteEstimated Visits in Jan. ’14Time on Site (HR/MINS/SEC)Pageviews Per VisitLeading Country
1Booking.com166 Million0:07:215.85United States 15.36%
2TripAdvisor Family159.5 Millionn/an/an/a
TripAdvisor.com79.6 Million0:04:263.7United States 62.05% Million0:05:134.1United Kingdom 75.18%
TripAdvisor.fr11.5 Million0:04:374.32France 60.49%
TripAdvisor.it10 Million0:05:224.48Italy 93.56%
TripAdvisor.ca8.6 Million0:05:214.06Canada 88.34%
TripAdvisor.es6.3 Million0:04:233.73Spain 56.70% Million0:04:104.71Brazil 89.26%
TripAdvisor.in5.8 Million0:05:034.09India 87.72%
TripAdvisor.de4.6 Million0:04:074.2Germany 69.70%
3Expedia Family59.3 Millionn/an/an/a
Expedia.com41.5 Million0:06:425.67United States 86.35%
Expedia.ca8.2 Million0:07:236.69Canada 91.82% Million0:05:535.54United Kingdom 91.15%
Expedia.de3.2 Million0:06:425.95Germany 82.73%
4Hotels.com34.5 Million0:04:534.72United States 46.88%
5Priceline.com31.3 Million0:06:117.24United States 93.52%
6Agoda.com30.7 Million0:07:506.08United States 12.54%
7Hotelurbano.com25.5 Million0:01:502.18Brazil 93.13%
8Kayak.com24.4 Million0:06:134.9United States 89.04% Million0:01:171.96United States 70.27%
10Cheapoair.com20.2 Million0:05:143.49United States 87.12%
11Makemytrip.com17.5 Million0:07:446.29India 77.96%
12Orbitz.com17.2 Million0:06:495.15United States 90.43%
13Travelocity.com15 Million0:05:415.64United States 93.07%
14Hotwire.com13.2 Million0:05:284.48United States 87.94%
15Airbnb.com12.4 Million0:08:2710.72United States 69.22%
16Travelzoo.com12.2 Million0:03:383.49United States 64.82%
17Decolar.com11.3 Million0:07:435.88Brazil 97.29%
18Skyscanner.net9.6 Million0:06:285.26United Kingdom 70.08%
» Skyscanner.com3.2 Million0:06:255.39United States 68.23%
19HomeAway.com7.4 Million0:06:447.67United States 74.18%
» VRBO.com8.8 Million0:11:4512.77United States 87.61%
20Ctrip.com8.6 Million0:08:0010.18China 73.52%
21Lastminute.com8.5 Million0:05:476.11United Kingdom 45.60%
22Bookingbuddy.com8.2 Million0:03:593.55United States 70.44%
23Qunar.com7.5 Million0:06:576.8China 94.15%
24CheapTickets.com6.6 Million0:05:394.22United States 82.80%
25Onetravel.com6.6 Million0:05:444.37United States 83.63%
26Cleartrip.com6 Million0:06:126.74India 79.85%
27Venere5.6 Million0:03:363.43Italy 22.81%
28Yatra.com5.6 Million0:06:384.82India 86.26%
29Thomascook.com5.4 Million0:08:326.71United Kingdom 91.42%
30Holidaycheck.de5.4 Million0:11:4813.94Germany 87.78% Million0:07:2411.01Japan 94.64% Million0:09:307.72United Kingdom 89.16%
33Farecompare.com5 Million0:03:204.92United States 44.35%
Photo Credit: Travelocity, no longer among the top 10 booking sites in travel. Photo by Rafat Ali