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Trivago IPO Gets the Attention But HomeAway Could Be a Bigger Expedia Profit Generator

Vacation rentals and guest-booking fees aren't particularly sexy or headline-grabbing but 11-year-old HomeAway could have a far-reaching impact on parent Expedia's profit numbers. Trivago is a very nice plaything, too.

1 month ago

Airbnb Vacation Rental Exec Says Instant Booking Going Mainstream

Once again it is consumer behavior that is driving change in online travel -- this time for vacation rental bookings and instantly confirmable online bookings. OK, Expedia's acquisition of HomeAway and Airbnb's goal to curb racism on its platform are also pushing things in the instantly bookable direction. When companies are sluggish in adapting to consumer trends, as HomeAway was to a certain extent in its standalone incarnation, they suffer.

1 month ago

New Skift Trends Report: The State of Alternative Accommodations 2016

The U.S. alternative accommodations market remains a one-horse race with Airbnb leading its rivals, but the brand's smart first-mover advantage has also turned it into the whipping boy for local tax authorities and hotel lobbies. This turbulent landscape leaves plenty of room for new consumer-facing brands but also opportunities across the broader alternative accommodations ecosystem.

1 month ago

The IRS Makes It Easier to Pay Taxes on Uber and Airbnb Income

This is a clear sign that the sharing economy isn’t in its infancy anymore.

2 months ago

The Manifesto for a Common Sense Approach to Regulating Airbnb

Can such a thing exist? Yes, but if we want it to work, we need short-term rental platforms and local governments to cooperate with each other.

3 months ago

Hawaii Governor Blocks Bill to Collect Taxes from Airbnb

More city and state government officials, from Hawaii to Los Angeles and San Francisco, want Airbnb and their peers to help them enforce local laws. But the platforms continue to use the Communications Decency Act as a shield that diverts any liability onto their users. It's clear that we need a better approach that allows both local governments and short-term rental problems to address regulations together.

3 months ago

Figuring out the Tech Solutions to Airbnb’s Racial Discrimination Problem

Discrimination isn’t a problem limited to peer-to-peer platforms like Airbnb, and it’s not a problem with the sharing economy itself. It’s a problem that has to do with human behavior — how we interact with one another, whether online or in real life — and one that travel brands need to offer more than lip service to improve.

4 months ago


Why the Vacation Rental Industry Is Blowing Up Right Now

The $100 billion industry vacation rental sector could be going into over-drive as it attracts growing interest from investors, major hospitality brands and travelers seeking alternate accommodations.

5 months ago

Ex-HomeAway Execs Hope Their Tours and Activities Startup Can Finally Break Through

OnceThere is trying to develop a robust private label business for tours and activities but in so doing it faces the challenge of having to split the revenue with partners in a sometimes-low margin business that's largely failed to live up to expectations.

5 months ago

Analysis: Verdict on Priceline CEO’s Strategy Is Muddled by His Abrupt Ouster

Now-former Priceline Group CEO Darren Huston's decision to emphasize organic growth, his insistence that all properties sold on Booking.com be online bookable and instantly confirmable, and his strategy to keep Booking.com solely focused on the hotel business all set his tenure apart from those of his peers at Expedia. If you can set aside his apparently reckless behavior for a moment, it's a shame Huston won't be around to see his strategy through or to pivot, as required.

6 months ago

Expedia Moves Product Guru to HomeAway to Better Battle Airbnb

One of the reasons HomeAway thought it would be in its interests to get acquired is that it faced substantial risks in transitioning to an online bookable platform and tacking on a fee that travelers have to pay. Now it has Expedia's marketing muscle and tech skills to support all the changes, and a tested product official to help lead the effort.

7 months ago

Challenges in Travel Booking 2016: What Can Expedia Do For An Encore?

Expedia seems to be on a sensible course in 2016 as it seeks to make good on its 2015 buying binge. Acquisitions are the sexy part; now Expedia has to make the marriages work behind closed doors.

7 months ago