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OpenTable Tears Down Its Walls With New Multilingual Capabilities

OpenTable is upping its language skills, although it still is in the early stages of making its restaurant relationships more global.

3 days ago

Skift Backstage Podcast: What Online Travel Legends Say About the Future of Travel

Prepare for a fast-paced, idea-rich session with some of the smartest minds in travel.

1 week ago

Expedia Plans to Use Artificial Intelligence for Customer Service

There has been serious talk about artificial intelligence in travel for the past couple of years. While Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi wasn't talking about implementing artificial intelligence for customer service in the next quarter or two, be assured that Expedia and others are working on it hard.

1 week ago

Video: Online Travel Founders Talk Game-Changing Deals, Big Upcoming Trends

Moral of the story about the early years of online travel? Not to over-simplify, but be prepared to take risks, feel free to contradict conventional wisdom, and assemble the best damn team that you can.

2 weeks ago

Booking.com in Reversal as it Launches Loyalty Program for Business Travelers

There's no doubt that Booking.com already has the user base -- and can increase it -- to be successful in catering to unmanaged business travelers. Whether a loyalty program will turn out to be advantageous remains to be seen and can be adjusted as the situation merits. The real question is whether Booking.com, like Expedia's Egencia, will take the next step into managed travel by acquisition or otherwise.

2 weeks ago

Priceline Exec Says Virtual Reality May Make Travel Planning Obsolete

It was almost heresy a few years ago to say that people would arrive for a trip in a destination without a hotel reservation. Advances in artificial intelligence and virtual reality in coming years may take that whole trend even further. Will your grandkids say, "Trip-planning: What was that?"

3 weeks ago

Booking.com CEO: Direct and Third-Party Bookings Can Peacefully Co-Exist

OTAs have had it their own way for a long time but the boss of Booking.com seemed relaxed about the future. Different customers will continue to require different ways to book a room.

3 weeks ago

Expedia, Priceline Founders Say Voice-Based Search Is the Next Frontier in Travel

It's hard to disagree with the fact that travel planning and booking are set for a social revolution. But how long will it be until voice-controlled interfaces hit the mainstream?

3 weeks ago

Marriott Has Its Sights on Expedia and Priceline Now That Starwood Buy Is Complete

The combination of loyalty and direct booking to battle the OTAs is the greatest power hotels have right now. But in the long-haul, should this be the most important battle for hotels to be fighting?

4 weeks ago

Hotel Urbano Founders Regain Control, Buy Back Shares of Priceline and Other Investors

They're back. The Brazilian economy and Hotel Urbano have both suffered a very rough stretch. Co-founders Joao Ricardo Mendes and Jose Eduardo Mendes have reasserted themselves in leading the company, but haven't publicly articulated in detail how they will navigate their way out of the online travel agency's current predicament. It will definitely be tough going.

1 month ago

Flights to Cuba Still Missing From U.S. Booking Sites’ Travel Options

The writer is wrong to posit that the lack of airline commissions is a factor holding back online travel agencies from offering flights to Cuba. Expedia, Priceline, Google and TripAdvisor would love to be in the forefront of bringing Cuban travel to Americans for the first time in five decades but the online travel agencies must first deal the legal and regulatory complexities.

1 month ago

Priceline Kills Name Your Own Price for Flights

Priceline.com downplayed Name Your Own Price four years ago as big thumbs and small screens on mobile phones made the relatively cumbersome bidding process anachronistic. Flight-bidding is gone. The services remains for hotels and car rentals but their days are probably numbered too.

2 months ago