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5 Big Travel Winners at Cannes Lions Advertising Awards

Airbnb has emerged as the leader in travel product. Now it's horning into travel creative, as well.

4 months ago

Sweden Positions Locals as Global Tourism Ambassadors With First Country Phone Number

This clever campaign takes advantage of an often underutilized tourism resource that most destinations overlook: locals.

7 months ago

Sweden’s New Travel Restrictions Signal a Return to Europe’s Borders

The lack of leadership on issues like this around the world is only equalled by the misplaced fear.

10 months ago

The Future of Meetings Is Cold and Exclusive at Sweden’s Icehotel

The original vision at Icehotel 26 years ago combined a love for sustainability, creativity and local culture in a hotel environment, which has come to define today's corporate incentive programs.

11 months ago

New Data Deck: State of Travel 2015, Europe

From overarching trends to the ever-increasing impact of mobile and online technology — and offering a deep look at what’s happening in every critical travel vertical — this is the state of the travel industry in Europe in 2015.

2 years ago

Which Nordic Nations Are Making Friends Fastest on Twitter?

It's not all about friends, but for destinations it is about communicating to as many of your target audiences as you can in a language they can understand.

2 years ago

New Norwegian Air Route Drives Scandinavian Travelers to Florida

Snow for sun is an easy trade-off and high demand for the new connection is driving Norwegian's North American expansion with more low-cost routes expected in 2015.

3 years ago

Stockholm Airport Turns Instagram Photos Into City Guides for Tourists

Travel marketers worldwide are trying to figure out how to use new mobile apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine to connect with customers. Arlanda makes a smart choice in providing a service that flyers will interact with and remember.

3 years ago

Sweden Turns to Its Flag to Create a Brand New Country Identity

The simple symbolism of Sweden's flag matched with a bold color scheme results in a strong new look, especially when compared to its former bleak identity.

3 years ago

Stockholm Airport Uses a Food Truck for Hands-On Restaurant Marketing

Airports are becoming destinations in their own right as they incorporate characteristics of the cities they represent and boost revenues through retail and restaurants. Stockholm's airport is clever to target Swedes who will use the airport the most.

3 years ago

What a Rogue Twitter Account Did For Sweden’s Tourism Industry

This strange but successful campaign challenges traditional wisdom about how to promote a tourist destination.

3 years ago

Hot Swedish train drivers trade their pants for skirts

Sweden may be conservative when it comes to labor and uniforms, but it's open minded when it comes to cross dressing.

3 years ago