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4 Charts That Show the Growth of Mobile Search by Leisure Travelers

As Google threatens to give online travel agencies grief with its new Instant Booking product it can smile and say that it's on the right track as mobile search engine use keeps growing with leisure travelers.

1 year ago

Americans are afraid to travel, but this year they’ll do it anyway

The relatively ambitious travel plans seem to reflect economic optimism among American consumers.

3 years ago

Airline activity adds $55.2 billion to the UK economy, says travel agent report

Leisure travel is often considered a distant second to business travel, but this report confirms its economic importance.

3 years ago

Road warriors lament return of U.S. leisure travelers

Business travelers are the only ones disappointed by the oncoming economic boost; U.S. airlines, hoteliers, and restaurants have been waiting more than five years for a rebound of this level.

3 years ago

Why Canada doesn’t waste its time or money on marketing in the U.S.

Canada’s decision to pull leisure marketing from its poorest performing markets is an interesting tactic, but one that gives individual destinations an opportunity to stand out without competing against the more influential country brand.

3 years ago

Amtrak expands vacation packages after receiving confidence boost from high ridership

Business travelers recently turned to Amtrak to avoid airport hassles on short-haul trips, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into a lucrative market for leisure travelers.

4 years ago

Business travel to and from Canada grows more than leisure travel

Citizens from each of the border side travel more for vacation than business, but overnight business trips have increased more than the number of vacations in the past year.

4 years ago

Survey suggests that millennials can’t relax quite like their parents do

What's wrong with the young ones that makes them more likely to work and check social media on vacation than their parents’ generation?

4 years ago

Leisure travelers wish list: convenient schedule, free bags and nonstop flights

As more airlines cut regional services or route flights through hubs, travelers' first and third most wished for items will continue to go unmet.

4 years ago