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As leisure travel finally returns to Las Vegas, The Venetian Resort is welcoming guests back to celebrate their shared milestones together and make up for lost time with friends and family.

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In the throes of the past 18 months, we’ve missed a lot of shared milestones: the delayed birthdays, anniversaries, postponed weddings, family catch ups, and beyond. As tourism continues to recover, the window to experience these shared moments and make up for lost time is once again reopening. On the back of the current surge in leisure travel, The Venetian Resort Las Vegas is welcoming visitors back to its suites and casinos, restaurants and bars, pools and spas, and entertainment venues.

SkiftX spoke with Marcy Miles, chief marketing officer at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas, about the upward surge of leisure travelers returning to the city and what The Venetian Resort is doing to make the return journey a moment to truly celebrate.

SkiftX: Leisure travel is booming right now. What is The Venetian Resort seeing on its own property as people make plans to get out and travel with friends and family again?

Marcy Miles: Our guests are very happy to be traveling safely again. We continue to hear that couples, families, and friends are getting together to celebrate multiple milestones at once. We’ve seen some quarantine birthday ‘redos’ that bring small groups together, though often, guests are just celebrating the ability to finally be in person again. This is actually what inspired our latest advertising campaign, “Celebrate You” — the idea that there is always something to celebrate. It could be something small that we used to take for granted, or it could be a larger milestone moment. No matter the occasion, we host them all, and we do it safely with our Venetian Clean Commitment.

SkiftX: The Venetian Resort is a very popular destination for people to visit when they’re celebrating life’s big milestones, be it a family reunion, bachelor party, or anniversary. Why do you think this is?

Miles: The spirit of Venice is very much a part of The Venetian Resort experience. That liveliness and energy creates a celebratory feeling all year long. With dozens of restaurants from world-class celebrity chefs and award-winning cocktail bars, there are plenty of places to celebrate. Plus, we offer dedicated Celebration Coordinators to truly curate an experience and handle every detail for guests. They think of everything and can really execute some ‘wow’ moments, like in-suite floral and balloon displays that are always Instagram-worthy.

SkiftX: So many of these milestones were missed or put on hold in 2020 and early 2021. How are people making up for lost time as they celebrate at The Venetian Resort?

Miles: We’re seeing more combined events — guests celebrating a birthday, graduation, and anniversary all in one, for example. The Venetian Resort is the ideal venue for these celebrations, as you can enjoy a different cuisine or experience for every meal. Many of our restaurants offer unique private dining rooms as well, which gives guests a great opportunity to truly catch up with loved ones they haven’t seen in awhile. Mott 32 is a beautiful space with award-winning design and a menu that invites sharing. It’s the perfect place to connect after too long apart.

SkiftX: What are some services or amenities The Venetian Resort offers that keep groups of friends and family coming back?

Miles: Our dedicated Celebrations Team is here exclusively to help our guests celebrate. They’ve put together some wonderful packages to jumpstart the planning process and can help guests customize from there. There’s no fee to use their services, and they will craft an itinerary or event to meet any budget. When you work with a Celebrations Coordinator, there is so much attention to detail. Whether it’s round-trip limo service, invited guest check-in, or welcome amenities, every moment of a guest’s trip is a part of that celebration.

SkiftX: Are you seeing an uptick in ancillary spend from guests on things like food and beverage, spa services, or entertainment as people celebrate after being home for so long?

Miles: We see guests really gravitating towards experiential food and beverage moments — things they couldn’t make at home. The “Press for Champagne” button at Rosina is a hit, as is the entire cocktail experience there. The bartenders really engage the guest to find out what they like and tailor a cocktail to their tastes. And tableside dishes, like the flambé Major Doughnut at Majordomo Meat & Fish, are also popular. These are memories in the making and the perfect picture-taking opportunity.

SkiftX: These days, travelers are looking for unique experiences that are personalized to their individual wants and needs. How does The Venetian Resort work to provide this to guests?

Miles: Our Celebrations Team can handle any request. They specialize in creating one-of-a-kind experiences at The Venetian Resort. From behind-the-scenes tours to chef’s table dinners and pasta-making classes, our team works one-on-one with each guest on their own unique special event.

SkiftX: What are some places on The Venetian Resort property that offer guests unique environments for their celebrations?

Miles: There are a few that come to mind. estiatorio Milos is a restaurant that opened earlier this year and features fresh fish flown in daily from the Mediterranean, as well as two private rooms for more intimate celebrations. BRERA osteria is another eatery that guests are flocking to. It offers a new take on Italian cuisine and the best happy hour on the Strip with Aperitivo Hour, in my opinion. The lively atmosphere of St. Mark’s Square brings a feeling of Italy perfect for celebrating. There’s also an amazing karaoke room that’s part of Majordomo Meat & Fish. It’s hidden behind a door that resembles a freezer, like a speakeasy. This private karaoke room features a pass-through window to Moon Palace by David Chang to keep the drinks and snacks flowing all night long.

Our newly renovated pool deck that includes Venetian Cabanas with Plunge Pools is great as well. Guests can purchase dedicated party packages that offer unique food and beverage experiences, with 1,450 square feet of private space and their own personal plunge pool for groups of up to 12 people.

SkiftX: How have these celebratory trips differed in 2021 vs. pre-pandemic? Do people have any new habits or activities they’re pursuing more?

Miles: Overall we see a desire to celebrate the little things more. There are still plenty of birthday parties, but also many ‘just because’ getaways. At The Venetian Resort, there is always something to celebrate.

Click here to learn more about the ways guests can come together to celebrate moments big and small at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas.

This content was created collaboratively by The Venetian Resort Las Vegas and Skift’s branded content studio, SkiftX.

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