Fodor’s Travel Guides Sold to Internet Brands by Penguin Random House

The move to digital has not removed the need for expert advice, but it has upended how print guidebook companies work and forced them to adapt to a publishing cycle that traditional print publishers are not always equipped to understand.

Detour App Shows the Promises and Challenges of Geo-Location Travel Tech

Detour has redesigned the audio walking tour for the mobile generation, and the user experience is almost flawless. But there's still a lot of work to do to convince travelers that audio tours are relevant in this day and age, and a long way to go until the economics make any sense.

Monocle Magazine Launches Travel Guide Series With New York and London Books

Monocle never does something unless it looks good, is filled with expert insight, and makes money, too. That's why we're happy to see what they're doing in travel publishing.

Why I Left an Enviable Career in Travel Writing for PR: A First-Person Perspective

The golden age of travel writing is over. What's next to take its place?

New Michelin List Highlights New York City’s Better, Cheaper Restaurants

As the series wanes under threat from local sources and online competitors, focusing on budget choices for visitors isn't the worst idea Michelin has had.

Yelp Has Changed Local Discovery Whether Business Owners Like It Or Not

Yelp killed Citysearch, made Zagat seem quaint, and helped kill guidebooks. Will it meet a challenger any time soon?

Vice Travel Guides Find It’s Hard to Be Edgy When TripAdvisor Got There First

This is pretty much your father's travel guide but art directed by a guy in Brooklyn.

TripAdvisor’s Deal With Telefonica Bring Its Mobile Apps to Latin America

TripAdvisor is pushing hard to expand in Latin America, and the ambitious deal with Telefonica is part of that drive. So is launching ts city guides apps into Spanish and Portuguese.

The Best Lines From Outside Magazine’s Very Long Profile of Lonely Planet’s Boss

Lonely Planet has spent nearly a year in transition from the beat-up BBC to the upstarts from Tennessee. While this feature doesn't provide many clues to its current performance, it does demonstrate that the boss is having more fun than most.

Rival Food Critic Responds to Publication of This Year’s Michelin Guidebook

Like the first sparrow of spring, the publication of the annual Michelin guidebooks results in a bit of noise from the brand's rivals.