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6 Highlights From the DOT’s New Passenger-Friendly Airline Guidelines

Some consumer protections are better than no consumer protections. But the steps outlined this week by the Obama Administration are relatively minor. They won't do much to change the travel experience.

1 week ago

Airlines Ask DOT for Permission to Collude Over a Debt Collection

This is a highly unusual request for U.S. carriers to seek a reprieve from antitrust immunity from the Department of Transportation so they can figure out how to be more powerful debt collectors in Venezuela. It shouldn't cause too many antitrust concerns although it's difficult to see how the group effort to pressure Venezuela would do much good.

3 weeks ago

Norwegian Air Is Dealt a Setback on U.S. Flights by the DOT

The Norwegian Air saga has taken another unusual turn. But fear not, travelers. The airline will keep flying between the U.S. and Europe, and the airline will continue offering low fares.

4 months ago

DOT Auditor: Government Should Scrutinize Frequent Flier Program Changes

When it comes to regulating frequent flier programs, the U.S. Department of Transportation has little authority.

4 months ago

The U.S. Set a New Record for Airline Passengers in 2015

American Airlines claims the largest piece of the pie in the U.S. but low-cost carriers like Southwest, JetBlue and Spirit all showed strong growth in passenger numbers in 2015 as these types of carriers continue their resurgence around the world.

7 months ago

On-Time Arrivals and Complaints Rise for U.S. Airlines in November

We will remain consistently dubious of the on-time rankings as we're not convinced that airlines aren't padding their schedules by a significant measure.

9 months ago

U.S. Department of Transportation Bans E-Cigarettes in Checked Luggage

The number of needless consumer product carryons and checked items that can hurt an aircraft grows and grows.

1 year ago

Smart Vehicle Technology Could Making Driving More Interactive

Technology is providing plenty of ways to make driving safer for drivers and driverless cars when they show up.

1 year ago

U.S. Airlines Carried Record Number of Passengers During First Half of 2015

U.S. airlines still had a record number of enplanements, and some of their best months ever for passenger traffic during the first half of 2015 even as they continue limiting their capacity growth to protect fares and profits.

1 year ago

Airline On-Time Performance Rose in July Alongside Complaints

Hawaiian should just be removed from the rankings as it is impossible to post bad numbers in paradise.

1 year ago

Government Report Highlights U.S. Airlines’ Lack of Racial and Gender Diversity

Diversity matters, especially for the passenger experience, and the U.S. airline that starts to usher in change has a lot to gain.

1 year ago

Baggage Complaints Are on the Rise for U.S. Airline Passengers

Bag fees are surely a big reason for these complaints. Do U.S. airlines still need more proof travelers aren't satisfied with the overall baggage situation?

1 year ago