Tokyo’s Best Looking Hotel Has an Appointment With a Wrecking Ball

It would be easy to blame the Olympics (let's do that no matter what), but it's mainly the fault of people who can't think creatively within minor restraints in order to create something better.

Kuala Lumpur’s $1 Billion Terminal for Low-Cost Carriers Is Sinking

The speed at which destinations are moving at in order to keep up with the rapid growth in air travel in the region makes problems like this an inevitable result.

Tokyo to Start Over From Scratch on Its Olympic Stadium Design

Smart politics and smart planning combine for a rare smart decision (where these two matters are concerned, that is).

Video: 50 Years of Airport Evolution From the Field’s Leading Architect

This is one to watch more than thrice.

2015 Trend: Travel Brands Downsize on Design and Move Towards Simplicity

Hotels, airlines and airports who aren’t trying to simplify their guest experience are now in the minority, but more importantly the simplification of their designs better reflects how guests actually travel and behave on trips today.

U.S. Cities Hope Tall Buildings and Giant Ferris Wheels Will Lure Tourists

If you can't come up with a good idea, just build something huge and cross your fingers.

Helsinki Airport’s Plan to Bring One Great Gateway Airport Under Just One Roof

HEL is working hard to become a traveller's heaven. It won't be the largest airport in the world, but it's certainly going to be one of a kind.

Mexico City’s New Airport to Be Designed by Norman Foster and Fernando Romero

Foster is a corporate darling and Romero is a favored son. When it comes to execution on the ambitious plans, this could go either way.

The James Is the Small Hotel Chain That Makes a Big Impact With Local Design

With only four hotels, The James brand has earned a disproportionate amount of street cred in the hospitality industry for its "warm modernism" and community partnerships with local cultural organizations.