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As the short-term rental market grows rapidly in Asia-Pacific, all of the stakeholders involved will grow along with it. The sector is expected to remain fragmented for now, but in the coming few years as the market matures and its demand-supply equilibrium gets defined, market leaders will emerge.

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What began as part of the sharing economy and a simple platform for homeowners to rent out their homes online is now a burgeoning industry that is starting to attract serious investment interest.

In this report we highlight the current landscape of short-term rental platforms in Asia Pacific (APAC) by listing out the global and regional platforms and understanding how the players coexist by providing almost the same service yet differentiating from each other by providing value added services like managing the properties on behalf of the owners.

Furthermore, we outline the key characteristics of the market with respect to the user penetration, level of domestic and foreign demand and demand for urban vs. non-urban STRs. The short term rentals industry in APAC is still in its nascent stage. The user penetration across countries in the region show that the Australian and Japanese markets are the most mature. 

The report also highlights that