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6 Highlights From the DOT’s New Passenger-Friendly Airline Guidelines

Some consumer protections are better than no consumer protections. But the steps outlined this week by the Obama Administration are relatively minor. They won't do much to change the travel experience.

4 days ago

Airbnb IPO Will Have to Wait Until Legal Issues Are Dealt With

Airbnb board member Jeff Jordan believes that it will be in the financial interest of hosts to oppose overly aggressive regulations against the company in coming years. That sort of outcry by passengers has worked to a certain extent for Uber when faced with municipal crackdowns. Uber is not Airbnb, though. Whether disparate Airbnb hosts can unify out of self-interest as a potent force to oppose tough regulations and hotel lobbying remains to be seen.

1 month ago

The Manifesto for a Common Sense Approach to Regulating Airbnb

Can such a thing exist? Yes, but if we want it to work, we need short-term rental platforms and local governments to cooperate with each other.

3 months ago

Everything You Wanted to Know About the Hotel Industry’s Gripes Against OTAs

The direct booking wars will not be fought by laying out the evidence to parliamentary committees, but in the hearts of consumers. Still, the arguments and the evidence are definitely worth reading

6 months ago

Visa Waiver Bill Moving Quickly Through U.S. Congress to Restrict Some Travelers

Restricting travel to the U.S. for people holding Iraqi, Iranian, Sudanese, and Syrian citizenship may seem like a political slam dunk, but it will almost certainly impact international travelers who simply hold dual citizenship. If, of course, they choose to self-report on themselves.

11 months ago

Expedia’s Odds for Acquiring Wotif in Australia Doubted by Investors

Australian regulatory authorities are going to end up approving Expedia Inc.'s acquisition of Wotif Holdings despite the delay. Expedia can make some concessions and there is certainly plenty of competition in the Australia market, and that's enough to get this deal done.

2 years ago

What to Expect From the DOT’s Next Round of Air Passenger Protection Rules

The Department is likely to get as much criticism for what it doesn't include as for what it does. Those complaints will probably reference the omission of any rules for how airlines must compensate travelers inconvenienced by delayed or cancelled flights.

3 years ago

Are Uber, Hailo, and Other Taxi Apps Going After a Big Enough Market?

Plenty has been written about the e-hail companies' battles with regulators and new economy versus old. But their biggest challenge will be running what's basically a Ticketmaster for rides when the barrier for entry -- and costs, too -- are lower for existing players.

3 years ago

The airline business is a lousy one, airline industry study shows

IATA's numbers provide a fresh look at an under-performing industry, and the parameters of its proposed solutions are very predictable -- less taxation and weaker regulation.

3 years ago

New American Air boss battles industry talking head and congressional critics

Declining competition will come with a merger between US Air and American as well as with two weak, independent airlines. The U.S. government is in a better position to force concessions prior to a merger rather than bullying two airlines on their own.

3 years ago

Jumeirah chief slams governments for protecting legacy airlines

These arguments carry much more weight coming from a hotel CEO than they would from an airline that feels signaled out by restrictive policies.

3 years ago

UPDATED: Carnival responds to Senator: No way we’re paying for Triumph rescue

Carnival Corp. didn't make any concessions in its letter to Senator Rockefeller, arguing that the cruise industry already pays plenty of taxes. Don't expect Carnival to reimburse the U.S. government for its costs in the Triumph incident, although the amount of money would be puny for a corporation of Carnival's size.

4 years ago